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Mouth-watering flavour combinations with a technical service fail: Restaurant Dae Mon (14. April 2018)

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It took me a little while until I realized that the name of the restaurant Dae Mon was ‘daemon’ in English. Well, lack of sleep doesn’t help in connecting the dots. I went for the “Vegetarian 4-course tasting menu” (EUR 51.00) which is worth every penny. The amuse bouche started with a chip which was good and …

… a ‘tuna chocolate’ which didn’t taste like seafood at all. So, expectations were set.

The first course was a “fermented cucumber, ginger, chia” (usually, EUR 13.00) which did not only look appealing but was also lovely in terms of taste. Especially the variety of textures and consistencies the cucumber was prepared in (granite, whole pieces, bubbles of cucumber water, etc.).

Next in line was the “sepia, seaweed, beet root” which was having an intense and strong taste of seaweed but was – nevertheless – very tasty. The only issue was that the tarte flambée was a bit too dry if you didn’t have anything to drink with you. Else, delicious!

Before the main course was served, we were waiting a solid 90 (!) minutes! Even after we had complained after 70 minutes, it took them another 20 minutes. Which is, obviously, too long a time. However, the manager (or owner) of the place took it to heart and made sure that the dishes were then delivered quickly plus that we got a free course (the asparagus) to try and it was absolutely worth the delay. But more about that in a bit. The “Bibimbap (nori, enok mushrooms, egg yolk, kimchi, cucumber, soy)” (usually EUR 14.00) was – at first – a bit disappointing as we have had a discussion about the non-satisfying taste of tofu and that was just what I got served!

In combination with all the additions of a bibimbap though, the dish became truly lovely.

The course which was served ‘on the house’ (usually EUR 22.00) was a true revelation. The “asparagus, grilled and fermented, water melon, almond (marzipan) and rape” (usually, EUR 22.00) was exquisite. The combination of the spicy water melon with the layer of marzipan was just delicious. And in combination with the water melon reduction and the rape mayonnaise, it really made for a formidable dish.

The “Naranjilla (avocado, mango, nut butter toffee, cacao, lulu)” was interesting. Especially, as I haven’t had avocado for dessert so far – and I must say that I liked it a lot! And the nut butter toffee really did the trick for me (but then again I’m a huge fan of caramel).

The “lemon macaroon” was a great ending to the evening as the taste was great and the consistency lovely.

The service was exquisite, friendly, and generally attentive. And while the 70 minutes initial delay were to be blamed on a faulty system, I am still blaming the service a bit for it too. If your guests sit there that long without any food being brought to their table and you know they’ve ordered a four course menu (because you took the order), I blame you that it doesn’t show up. However, they really pulled a leg to make it right which I appreciate a lot. Make sure to book in advance as the place gets crowded easily.


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Restaurant Dae Mon

Monbijouplatz 11

10178 Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 26 30 48 11

E-Mail: mail@dae-mon.com

Homepage: http://dae-mon.com

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