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Decent dishes but absolutely unsatisfactory service: Restaurant Belvoirpark (21. April 2018)

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I have heard quite a bit about the Restaurant Belvoirpark which is basically the place where young talented chefs become great chefs and apprentices become great waiters. However, after this experience I’m not so sure about the waiters anymore. I was there in the context of a Chaîne des Rôtisseurs event and quite curious to see what was going to expect me. The “two types of yellow fin tuna with sesame and avocado” was incredibly simple. The tuna was not bad as it was quite intense in taste but it was also far from something extraordinary.

The quality of the service varied largely between the different tables. One person at our table did not like fish, so he got a vegetarian option. And wile I was jokingly saying that they’ll just leave out the fish, they actually did exactly that! I mean, okay, I get it, someone doesn’t like fish, so you would serve something else but something else does not mean just no fish!

However, the “white shallot foam soup with Sbrinz crisp” was good.

The “slice of smoked duck from Challans served on a grape walnut salad” was delicious when it comes to flavor, however, the slice was – at least for my personal gusto – too thick and it was chewy as well. What I actually liked most was the combination with the grape walnut salad which was incredibly refreshing.

The “pink grilled US roast beef, served with potato soufflé and green asparagus” was supposed to be served with ‘Sauce Béarnaise’. Now, the concept of ‘with’ is a fluid one. It took them a solid 12 minutes to bring the sauce Béarnaise after they had served the meat. And while, of course, they are busy serving approximately 100 people more or less at the same time, I think it is unacceptable to let a table wait for that long – especially since the food gets cold What I have to admit though, even if the food got cold, it was superb in terms of taste – and the Sauce Béarnaise did its part!

The dessert, a “strawberry tiramisù with marinated strawberries and thyme crumble” was strongly on the ‘strawberry side of life’, however, refreshing and overall very enjoyable. In a nutshell, the dishes were solid, if only the service was better. There is definitely and clearly a lot of room for improvement.

The hall the dinner was served in is simple, lovely, traditional and makes you feel like somehow having traveled back in time for a bit. So, all in all, the Belvoirpark is a place I can recommend for the dishes, but not for the service.


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Restaurant Belvoirpark

Seestrasse 125

8002 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 286 88 44

Homepage: http://www.belvoirpark.ch

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