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Truly amazing experience – local Swiss food on high level: Restaurant Schlüssel (28. April 2018)

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Years ago, I have read quite a bit about the Restaurant Schlüssel and finally, it was time to pay Dani a visit. He is the chef and welcomes every single person personally making it through that already quite a unique experience. Once you’re seated in the garden, you get to help yourself with a variety of breads and different pestos …

… in a little nicely decorated room …

… which also has a “Berkel machine” with which you can cut ‘dried deer meat’ to your liking (as much as you want). It is prepared by the chef and his family and is absolutely mouth-watering.

The “three course menu” (CHF 76.00) started with good bread which was served with …

… “vegetable hummus”. Something, I haven’t tried before – especially not in that form but was definitely lovely in terms of taste.

I think my favourite course was the “vegetable cream soup with a nut mix and home-made deer salami”. The soup was so incredibly flavourful and tasty like barely any soup I have ever tried. Truly impressing in terms of taste buds experience.

The next course was a Swiss assortment of different little dishes like ‘dexter terrine from Zgraggen-Wesi, perch filet with tuna sauce, salmon, cheese roll from Meier” which was all good and rich but nothing over the top.

However, the “fresh ravioli with fresh morels and salami chip” were incredibly tasty. Of course you need to like morels but if you do, you’ll have a great dish at hand with mouth-watering flavours. It is an extra course and costs extra (I don’t know how much was I was invited) and it’s definitely worth it.

The main course was a combination of a “piece of beef, veal and lamb”. Sounds simple and is simple. However, the meat was prepared just perfectly so you would not miss anything. It was tender. It was aromatic. It was luscious.

“Potatoes with bacon” always work, respectively you kind of cannot go wrong with them but to balance off the meat-heavy main course, I would have hoped for a less meaty side dish to the three pieces of delicious meat.

The “cheese platter” …

… chosen from the cheese wagon I already encountered when entering the place. The selection is good, the cheeses are tasty, so there is really nothing you could encounter which you wouldn’t like.

All in all, the dishes in the Schlüssel are very good, well thought-through but remain accessible to everyone. They are not in another sphere in terms of playfulness or the like but they are definitely very well made accessible dishes which will make you want more. I love the fact that they change their menu 4 times a year (as in the four seasons). The place is not a place you would immediately consider as a great location for good food as it looks relatively simple.

But there is much more to it with the second look. There is also a lovely little garden behind the house. Unfortunately, you don’t have a view onto the lake …

… like you do from some of the hotel rooms. The service is very friendly and helpful – attentive, and making sure you have everything when you need it. Secondly, they just make you feel welcome. Also through the fact that they just all call you by your first name and you call them by their first name.

Already booked again for October to enjoy the ‘game menu’. Very curious how that is going to be! Booking well in advance is required / advised.


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Restaurant Schlüssel

Oberdorfstrasse 26

6375 Beckenried (CH)

Tel.: +41 41 622 03 33

E-Mail: info@schluessel-beckenried.ch

Homepage: http://www.schluessel-beckenried.ch

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