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Not as good as it is ranked in all the online ratings: Restaurant Aklin (1. May 2018)

| September 30, 2018 | 0 Comments

The restaurant Aklin is apparently the most famous one in Zug as everybody seemed to know it when I talked about it. While it is good, I don’t entirely understand why it is soooo well-known. The “green curry soup with sweet potato chips” (CHF 14.50) was delicious. So, right there, I still understood why people would like it. The soup wasn’t out of this world but good and tasty.

The “veal cordon bleu from Zug, stuffed with wine cheese from Zug, mostbröckli from Zug, and home-made cherries bathed in kirsch, breaded with traditional bread, served with market vegetables and pommes alumettes” (CHF 47.00). Now, the first fail started. I had asked the waitress if it was possible to get some ketchup and she promised me to serve it but didn’t do anything for 5 minutes so my food started getting cold, so I asked the waiter for the same and it took him also another 5 minutes. By the time the ketchup had arrived, I was almost done with the dish. Plus, in terms of taste, the cordon bleu wasn’t anything out of this world.

I guess, no restaurant will ever meet the quality of the pommes alumettes of the La Côte in Zurich as their pommes alumettes are – without doubt the best I know.

The “white chocolate mousse” (CHF 13.50) was actually a mixed one but upon request they prepared it especially for me. And it was great. A bit too dense for my personal gusto – and the vanilla sauce really made it into a good dish.

The place itself is absolutely lovely. The interior is amazing and makes you feel very comfortable. Of all the tables available, we were seated in the very corner of it all so you wouldn’t have a view or anything the like. Which was a bit a pity – especially since I had called before to ask for a table.

All in all, the Restaurant Aklin is a good place for a lunch. Food is decent, service is decent, prices are decent, place is lovely. So, all in all, it’s decent. But nothing else. So, I’m frankly not getting the hype which seems to be around this place. But, go try for yourself.


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Restaurant Aklin

Kolinplatz 10

6300 Zug (CH)

Tel.: +41 41 711 18 66

Fax: +41 41 711 07 50

E-Mail: info@restaurantaklin.ch

Homepage: http://www.restaurantaklin.ch

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