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First time I’ve tried frog legs: Restaurant Aux Lyonnais (5. May 2018)

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My absolutely favourite book when travelling is ‘Where Chefs Eat‘ which is basically the perfect tourist guide for any city which is mentioned in there. Especially, when you are considering visiting the restaurants mentioned in there as they are absolutely lovely and recommended by Michelin starred chefs (but the restaurants recommended are not necessarily Michelin starred).

The Aux Lyonnais is one of the traditional French places, or at least how you would imagine one. You are welcomed by a door man who opens the door for you and is all horribly friendly. I truly loved that – so much chivalry. Shortly after you’re seated – and better make sure you have a reservation – some “bread and spread” is served. The spread is some kind of cottage cheese like thing and the bread is fried and oily but both together make for a marvelous combination.

I went to try something truly unique – in the sense of ‘something I haven’t tried before’. The “frog legs our way, herb condiment” (EUR 16.00). Now, for all those who haven’t tried frog legs, you should definitely try them. They taste interesting but what was truly good about them was the batter and the herb condiment. These two together – delicious! The frog meat on the other hand was relatively disappointing in terms of texture and flavour.

The main course I went for on the other hand, a “black pudding with apples” (EUR 24.00) was simple yet absolutely delicious. The sweetness of the apples with the thickness of the black pudding really made for a great meal.

The “iced caramel/vanilla chou” (EUR 12.00) is your sweet little death. It is admittedly super tasty but it is also killing you in terms of calories and mass. Although I haven’t been eating a lot the whole day pretty much, the dessert made me feel completely and utterly stuffed. I was impressed by how easily this was possible. It is delicious though (especially if you love caramel and vanilla like I do).

The interior of the place is lovely as it is set up like on of the old style French bistros, so you feel cozy and comfortable right away. The service was – and I was rather surprised by that – also extremely friendly and helpful throughout the whole evening. No matter who exactly was attending us. The prices are super decent which is also true for the beverages (e.g. 1l Badoit, EUR 7.00; double espresso, EUR 5.90; 0,45l red wine Givry, 2013, EUR 33.00). I can definitely recommend you to pay the Aux Lyonnais a visit as the food is good, fair in price, lovely service and nice atmosphere.


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Restaurant Aux Lyonnais

Rue Saint Marc 32

75002 Paris (F)

Tel.: +33 1 42 97 42 95

E-Mail: restaurant.auxlyonnais@ducasse-paris.com

Homepage: http://www.auxlyonnais.com

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