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A true gem – not to be confused with its neighboring copy: Restaurant TriCiclo (11. May 2018)

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I found the TriCiclo through the book “Where Chefs Eat” and it turns out to be more and more my favourite book to travel. You find these local gems which you frankly wouldn’t find if it wasn’t for that book/app. But don’t be misled, there is another restaurant close to the TriCiclo which has almost the same name. And that is not the same place. You are paying EUR 2.50 as a cover charge for “pan y aperitivo”.

The “Menu Degustacion with 6 courses and one dessert” (EUR 52.00) was an amazing bargain. The amuse bouche already made you appreciate what was coming ahead.

First in line was a sashimi which was of a refreshing nature.

The next course was an oyster with mais …

… and a seafood reduction which made it intense in flavour but also tasty overall.

What I liked almost best was the ‘carne cruda’ as it was cut thickly but still so smooth and tender that you would be easily able to enjoy it despite its thickness.

What was truly interesting were the samosas. I mean, it is not something you would usually expect from a Spanish restaurant but they were delicious with the sauces.

The fish which was served as one of the mains was rich in flavor and especially the crust was absolutely delicious!

The “canneloni” or better the “cannelono” (not sure if you can say that) was hot and intense in taste.

Soon it was time for dessert and while the lemon lime shot …

… refined with whipped ginger cream went down in a second as it was so tasty, …

… the actual dessert finished off the late lunch just perfectly.

The place itself is lovely in terms of interior but has a bit an annoying layout as it is basically one big U when you enter. However, given we were placed at the very end of the U, we had our privacy which was perfect. The service is caring, friendly, and generally swift. In the very beginning there were a couple of misunderstandings as (and that seems to be a thing in almost all restaurants) apparently sparkling water (EUR 3.00), no ice, isn’t a thing in Spain. The wine selection is decent and the “Sela by Roda” (EUR 24.50) is one of these wines which go down easily. We finished off the lunch with a “double espresso” (EUR 3.00). All in all, I can highly recommend the TriCiclo as it offers tasty dishes for a very fair price in a lovely atmosphere with good service! Booking highly recommended as it was absolutely packed when we walked in there.


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Restaurant TriCiclo

Calle Sta. María 28

28014 Madrid (E)

Tel.: +34 910 24 47 98

E-Mail: info@eltriciclo.es

Homepage: http://eltriciclo.es

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