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Lovely place to relax close to the touristic epicenter: Restaurant Amicis (11. May 2018)

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The Restaurant Amicis is located perfectly close to the Mercado de San Miguel but as it is around the corner, it isn’t as touristic as the other places. It is perfectly organized though, as a table remains empty for approximately 30 seconds before the lady in charge assigns the next customer to it. Truly remarkable how all is done. The “Green God (spinach, banana, avocado, pear, almond milk)” (EUR 5.50) is definitely better than the “Mojito” (EUR 8.00). So, if you are into drinking something, I can recommend any of these healthy drinks.

After some time sitting there, one gets hungry so a “media tabla Jamón Iberíco” (EUR 15.00) is kind of the perfect dish really. However, the ham was rather sweaty and oily which showed that it has been laying there for a while (pity really as else it wasn’t bad).

The “patatas bravas amicis” (EUR 5.50) on the other hand, were nothing special. Potatoes, nicely seasoned and with the typical ‘brava sauce’. Fine, all in all, however, more a place to hang out than a place to come for food. Much better to cross the road and go to the Mercado de San Miguel.

The service is jovial, friendly but definitely not swift. You have to be quite a bit patient until your orders are served but they make up for it with the friendliness and easiness how they handle things. So, if you are into a touristic but not-so-touristic place close to the Mercado de San Miguel, this is the place to go to.


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Restaurant Amicis

Plaza del Conde de Miranda 4

28008 Madrid (E)

Tel.: +34 910 58 78 80

Homepage: https://amicisrestaurants.com

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