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Amazing dishes worth the 45+ minutes queue: Restaurant StreetXO (12. May 2018)

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As the place I originally wanted to go, Boton y Fogon de Sacha, was fully booked, I checked my list of recommendations and the StreetXO was somehow on the top of it. It is the second restaurant of a Michelin starred chef with three Michelin stars. The difference is though that you can’t book a table in advance but you have to go there and queue. And if you’re lucky, you get to queue like 45 minutes as we did. If you are ‘unlucky’, it’s way more. Once you’re seated at a bar around the kitchen – so you get to watch how they prepare your dishes – it is time to place your order. We went for the “mini tacos crujientes de jarrete meloso de cochino ibérico pibil, crema agria y queso idiazabal” (EUR 21.00) which were delicious. The meat was basically falling apart and smooth and rich in flavor so you would not want to stop eating.

One of my favourite dishes of that evening was the “Curry Japonés (“Kare Raisu”) de Carrilera de vaca melosa al oporto y nata de leche de soja fresca. Arroz al vapor crujiente con especias de Tokyo” (EUR 20.00) which was something you would have to mix yourself. And it was smooth, aromatic, strong curry flavor but not overlapping the original tastes. All in all, a truly great dish! I absolutely loved it. You can see that there are great chefs at work.

The “civet blanco de jabalí, noodles fritos al wok y bacon extrahumado, huevo frito con puntilla” (EUR 19.00) was the dish they had almost forgotten to serve in the end – but luckily, they didn’t it was again one dish to be mixed together and the Udon noodles (or at least they looked like that) with the egg and the bacon were just absolutely yummy!

What I loved a lot about the place is the fact that you are basically in the kitchen, so you get to observe how these chefs prepare the dishes. How they work with tweezers, with their fingers, and all of it is really work of precision!

While the preparation of the “croquetas “La Pedroche” … kimchi, leche de oveja, atún y te lapsang souchoung” (EUR 19.00) looked great, I must say, I was a bit disappointed. They did not match the other dishes as they were a bit blunt and the croquetas were to heavily stuffed.

The “new Vietnamita de pato y sashimi tibio de gambas blancas con agridulce de chiles y alioli cremoso” (EUR 20.00) on the other hand was great again. Refreshing, luscious, mouth-watering.

Once you’re seated, they basically ask you what kind of drink you want and I had ordered a sweet one. Unfortunately, they had forgotten to bring it, so I had to ask for it again. Finally, I was served a “Brasileño” (EUR 13.00) which was basically a drink served in a plastic bag. And it was super sweet with white chocolate in it – but lovely nevertheless.

As mentioned, the sweetness of it all is to see the chefs at work …

… although there is less happening towards the time when the restaurant is closing for the afternoon rest (at 4:30pm).

As I initially stated, you have to queue quite a bit before you are actually ‘in’. But it is worth the wait!

All in all, the StreetXO is a great place for delicious, mouth-watering dishes for very fair prices – which comes with a certain waiting time. But it is more than worth it!


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Restaurant StreetXO

El Corte Ingles, 7 piso

Calle de Serrano 52

28001 Madrid (E)

Tel.: +34 915 31 98 84

Homepage: https://streetxo.com/madrid

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