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Amazing atmosphere and great seafood: Restaurant Glass Mar by Ángel León (12. May 2018)

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I walked by the Restaurant Glass Mar by Ángel León a couple of times before I finally decided to go in. And it was generally a good idea although the very first course didn’t persuade me. The “mollete de atún (dos Bocados)” (EUR 5.50 each) was a bit of a disappointment really as it the stuffing of the little bread was just too intense and overwhelming.

The “”Nam” de Adobo (dos Bocados)” (EUR 6.00 each) on the other hand was very refreshing and rich in flavor although it did – for my personal gusto – have a bit too much sauce on top of it.

The “steak tartar de calamar” (EUR 20.50) was great. The egg yolk was not really needed in my opinion but the combination of the crispy bread with the smooth and rich calamari tartar was ideal. What I’d do though is add a bit more bread as the calamari tartar is quite a piece of food.

What I liked the most though, was the “arroz meloso de plancton” (EUR 21.50). Although, I would expect a bit more of a seafood taste from a arroz de plancton, it was actually absolutely amazing as it didn’t taste anything like seafood but was smooth and rich. And the aioli which came with it finished it off perfectly.

The “leche con galletas” (EUR 6.00) didn’t look too appealing at first but turned out to be super delicious. Especially, since I haven’t tried any “cookie cream” so far. Definitely a big can do! The service is friendly and attentive and they even brought the bill right away when we had asked for it! Not something you experience too often!

Besides the good dishes, the relatively fair prices and ultimately, the good service …

… the place is quite lovely and what I like a lot is the fact that you can watch the chefs preparing the dishes right in front of you!

Just make sure to book your table in advance as we have been very lucky to score a table for lunch as besides maybe one or two tables, everything was fully booked. If you want to dine at the Glass Mar by Ángel León, plan well in advance.


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Restaurant Glass Mar by Ángel León

Carrera de S. Jerónimo 34

28014 Madrid (E)

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