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Very traditional Swiss dishes in the countryside: Restaurant Landgasthof Pflug (14. May 2018)

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Due to a rather big accident on the highway and the resulting traffic jam, I decided to spend the evening having dinner in a restaurant instead of standing in traffic for hours and ‘luck’ diverted me to the Landgasthof Pflug in Othmarsingen. What you can really enjoy here are traditional local Swiss dishes like a “sausage cheese salad” (CHF 15.00). Something which reminds me of my time in the army, so I just had to have it. And it was a typical heavy Swiss dish.

The idea of having a “cheese fondue” (CHF 25.00 per person) was super appealing as the weather was crappy and a cheese fondue sounded awfully like the right thing to do. In hindsight, I’m not so sure anymore. The fondue was admittedly tasty and after some refinement with pepper it actually tasted good. However, it really mixed up my bowels and I spent a horrible night. So, if you go for cheese fondue you might want to do that rather early in the evening, which was, given the speed of the service, a bit of a challenge.

We were admittedly not the fastest in deciding what to eat but the attention span of the service is rather limited. But ultimately, someone showed up, took our order and only like 30 minutes later (irony!), food was finally served. Shortly before we all starved to death. The place is rather simple but the restaurant was full despite the fact that it was a regular Monday evening. Quite surprisingly for me but it seemed to be the best restaurant in the area. The prices are very much how you expect prices in the countryside to be. The only surprise to me was the price for the sparkling water (1l, CHF 9.00) which is close to Zurich while the “double espress” (CHF 5.10) was very reasonably priced. All in all, I suppose if you have to end up in Othmarsingen, the Landgasthof Pflug is okay to visit, however, I would not expect any culinary fireworks.


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Restaurant Landgasthof Pflug

Lenzburgerstrasse 4

5504 Othmarsingen (CH)

Tel.: +41 62 896 11 27

E-Mail: info@pflug.ch

Homepage: http://www.pflug.ch

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