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Completely overrated and frequented by the Swiss government: Restaurant Café Entrecôte Fédéral Bern (26. May 2018)

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Apparently, the Café Entrecôte Fédéral is famous for our government to have lunch. However, I do not entirely understand why unless there is really no better option in the whole city of Bern. I mean, the “market salad with walnuts” which was served as a starter is generous and actually quite tasty. And admittedly, the service is super friendly, caring, and attentive …

… but the so famous “Entrecôte Café de Paris (250gr) with Pommes Alumettes” (CHF 49.50) is quite a disappointment. While the meat was okay but definitely not great, the Pommes Alumettes are regular French fries. So, frankly, it is just selling something which isn’t what you sold me. And the Café de Paris sauce is applied quite reluctantly, so you don’t even get to dip your ‘French fries’ in the sauce properly. And for almost CHF 50.00, I was just plainly disappointed.

The place itself is fine in terms of layout and decoration. The quality of the service is generally good but as we were there during change of shifts, we were experiencing the different levels of service quality as the second waiter was not entirely up to the task. The prices for the beverages are also rather in the area of Zurich than Bern with CHF 6.90 for a “Gazosa Aranciata amara”, CHF 6.80 for “home-made ice tea”, CHF 7.70 for 0,5l of Valser and CHF 6.60 for a “double espresso”.

While this place seems to have a certain fame, I do not entirely understand why much less why it was so crowded. Frankly, not worth visiting.


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Restaurant Café Entrecôte Fédéral Bern

Bärenplatz 31

3011 Bern (CH)

Tel.: +41 31 311 16 24

Homepage: http://www.entrecote.ch

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