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Good but not agreeing with the top 5 TripAdvisor rating: Restaurant Stresa (1. June 2018)

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The Restaurant Stresa is located in a residential area of Dresden where you can’t find much really but there is apparently restaurant No. 4 of Dresden. After entering the place, I was somehow a bit surprised as I had expected a bit more in terms of how the place was going to look like. But, to be fair it wasn’t entirely bad just very standard. The service was extraordinarily friendly and helpful though. I went for the “vegetarian four course menu” (EUR 46.00) which started with a “ratatouille salad with burrata” which was good.

The “tomato consommé with pan-fried chanterelles and basil mascarpone ravioli” (usually, EUR 9.50) which was the first course of the evening was good as it had an intense taste of tomato but almost to a degree where it became unpleasant. Not yet but very close.

The “home-made morel ravioli with asparagus from Spreewald, tomatoes and a chervil vinaigrette” (usually, EUR 14.50) looked delicious but they were a disappointment as they were not cooked enough. The dough was still somewhat uncooked and the stuffing was too dense and not moist at all. I think, the dish had tremendous potential but it was just not properly executed. Besides that, ravioli was already part of the dish which was served just before. So, I’d say it lacked creativity.

The “chanterelles risotto, tomatoes, peas, pecorino” (usually, EUR 22.00) which came as a main course was basically the vegetarian option of the fish version – just without the fish. Now, that is okay in general as it does fulfill the requirement of being vegetarian but it is not really what I would expect from a vegetarian option. And chanterelles have also been served in a previous dish. So, admittedly, one can pick their own courses but if in a selection of 6 there is two things which are basically completely overlapping, that is definitely a bit of a disappointment.

The “honey fresh goat cheese ice cream, figs au gratin, nut crumble” (usually, EUR 8.00) on the other hand was lovely. The nut crumble was applied quite excessively for my personal gusto but else, the dessert was actually good.

The “home-made bread with tomato spread” which was served as a starter was superb. The dough was delicious and the spread was smooth and lovely. However, there was an awful lot of tomato in all of it: spread, amuse bouche, soup, and risotto. So, while the food was definitely good and the waitress did a marvelous job, I was a bit disappointed by the variety of the dishes and partially the execution. So, no. 4 of the city is something I cannot agree to.

All in all, the Restaurant Stresa is definitely a good restaurant, especially given its location but frankly speaking, it is not No. 4 of Dresden. The prices are though – to be fair – absolutely okay which is also true for the beverages with EUR 6.00 for 0,75l water or EUR 4.00 for a “double espresso”.


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Restaurant Stresa

Augsburger Strasse 85

01277 Dresden (DE)

Tel.: +49 351 65 61 57 30

Fax: +49 351 656 157 31

E-Mail: info@restaurant-stresa.de

Homepage: http://www.restaurant-stresa.de

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