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Service fails but amazing view: Restaurant Gempenturm (12. July 2018)

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The “melon soup” was absolutely refreshing and just the perfect beginning for lunch with a view onto the wider region of Basel.

I went for the “pork Cordon Bleu with french fries and farm vegetables” (CHF 34.00) was decent. Frankly, it was probably one of the highest / thickest cordon bleus I’ve tried in my life. And while it was okay, it was lacking taste and the meat was somewhat dry. The selection of vegetables doesn’t really deserve the name, however, it was actually good.

What is truly amazing about the Restaurant Gempenturm is the view you have from there – on the one hand side from the restaurant but also, and even more so, from the little part on the side.

Truly breath-taking I’d say. With regards to the service, I suppose it was their unlucky day. When the mineral water and other beverages were served, the waiter dropped the tray and the beverages landed on the ground. Well, you could truly see how sorry he was and he apologized a hundred times. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of it. The waitress had taken our orders somehow correctly, however, they didn’t manage to bring the right dish to my company. So, I was stuck eating alone for a bit.

Other than the two – rather big – service fails, the place is actually nice. The place is lovely, the view is great, and the food is okay – and when we talk about prices it is also absolutely acceptable. So, all in all, the Gempenturm is worth trying but more because of the location than anything else.


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Restaurant Gempenturm

Gempenturmstrasse 15

4145 Gempen (CH)

Tel.: +41 (61) 701 51 50

E-Mail: beiz@gempenturm.com

Homepage: http://www.gempenturm.com

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