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Good dishes in the middle of nowhere: Restaurant Hotel Alpenblick (4. August 2018)

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You would never expect that there is a one Michelin-starred restaurant hidden in the Hotel Alpenblick. I mean, the place is rather remote and not really close to anything but they do carry a Michelin-star and I guess, one can say it is deserved. The “four course dinner” (CHF 135.00) started with “bread and hazelnut butter”. The bread was fresh and aromatic and the hazelnut butter definitely an interesting addition.

As a little amuse bouche from the kitchen, first, a “marinaded lake trout served on a cucumber mirror with a tomato gazpacho” was brought to the table. While the lake trout with the cucumber mirror didn’t do much to my taste buds, the tomato gazpacho was lovely.

As a starter, they served “beef tartare from Oberland with green apple and brioche”. I was a bit skeptical at first given a few weeks ago I had one of the best tartares in a long while but admittedly, this was actually delicious. And the addition of apple to the dish really made it quite different than usually.

The first course was “slipper lobster served with kohlrabi” …

… and a “sauce beurre blanc”. I liked the dish but the slipper lobster was too dry for me. It was somewhat missing the juiciness I was expecting. Else, the combination of textures and flavours made it a good dish.

I only got to try a tiny bit of the “veal contre filet, poached with summer flowers, horse radish sauce, chanterelles, veal MILKEN and three kinds of potatoes”. The meat was definitely great as it was super tender and smooth – and still aromatic.

My main course ultimately was the “turbot with mussel crouton, giant prawn and saffron taiarini” which was great in flavour but the saffron was a bit overwhelming.

I liked the “cheese waggon” a lot as you would fine quite a selection of tasty cheeses – from blue cheeses to red smear, goat, sheep and cow milk. However, the execution wasn’t entirely perfect as there was a lack of description and detail in the explanation of the cheeses – but they were very generous.

And ultimately, given I had picked the most interesting ones which were – by coincidence – also the most ‘intense ones’, it ended up being quite a tasty cheese selection.

The “friandises (apricot gelee)” …

… and some more which the waitress did n0t feel like explaining (even upon asking her to do so), were absolutely fine.

The wine menu which is served in the Alpenblick is quite extensive and it has some …

… real gems. We didn’t get to try the wine but frankly, I think that’s a rather bold name and also quite funny for a wine.

Given we were six people, I believe the price is quite decent with CHF 135.00 for a four course menu.

All in all, if you are in the area, the Alpenblick is definitely a place I can recommend you to pay a visit to. However, it is not one of the places I’d specifically go to to enjoy the food. The service is generally very nice and caring and the atmosphere is quite fine too. So, all in all, a solid selection and definitely in need for booking the table in advance.


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Restaurant Hotel Alpenblick

Oberdorfstrasse 3

3812 Wilderswil (CH)

Tel. +41 33 828 35 50

Fax +41 33 828 35 51

E-Mail: info@hotel-alpenblick.ch

Homepage: http://www.hotel-alpenblick.ch

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