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26. November 2010: Ristorante Segantini

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The Ristorante Segantini is located in the Kreis 5 in Zürich and is easily reachable on foot from the main station. There are quite a few restaurants close to the Segantini like the Restaurant Don Leone, the Restaurant Schmuklerski, or the Restaurant Café Boy.

The entrance of the Ristorante Segantini is a bit tricky to find as it is located in a side street and you have to walk through the garden (which is pretty nice) in order to get into the restaurant. The interior of the restaurant is quite unusual but really appealing. The walls are full with little pieces of mirrors and the whole room is designed in a very nice way.

The waitresses are friendly and helpful, serving you with an aperitivo after a short while and taking your order thereafter. After some time, the “Amuse Bouche” from the kitchen is served which was in our case “Hand-made Ravioli with truffle stuffing and truffle foam”. The ravioli tasted very good.

As a starter I’ve had a green salad with fresh champignons and apple pieces which was very rich. Especially the combination of the three things together at once was great. Each by itself was not so overwhelming but the combination really made it.

As a next starter I’ve had a “cress foam soup with salmon”. The soup was good but pretty regular for a cress foam soup. Somehow, the special touch was missing. Also, it looked pretty boring the way it was served (maybe because my piece of salmon drowned in the soup and therefore the “red dot” was missing).

As a main dish we had “Roast Saddle of Venison Filet” with Chestnut purée, red cabbage and Brussels sprout. The venison was absolutely delicious – perfect in taste, with a cross crust, and unbelievably tender on the inside. Absolutely delicious.

The side dish which came with the venison, spätzle, were good too. A bit too greasy for my taste but pretty good.

As a desert I’ve had a selection of different cheeses which was quite good. The selection ranged from pretty liquid cheese, to blue cheese up to quite regular Gruyere. But it fit as a dish. The only little shortcoming was that the waitress forgot to tell us which cheeses I got served. When I adverted this fact to her, she apologized and provided us with the desired information.

At the end, the chef came to our table and asked us if everything was okay – a gesture I personally consider very valuable. And we didn’t have anything to complain. The dishes were really good made and rich in taste. Also, the arrangement of the food on the plates was great and the service was very friendly. The food – as great as it is – misses the additional extra touch to make it outstandingly extraordinary but it really is great.

The prices are pretty fair too, accounting for CHF 97.00 for the menu with four courses. Nothing one can complain about for what you get provided with. In addition to all that, it’s a pretty international restaurant as the owner speaks French and the chef is British.

Supposedly, the restaurant is also extremly nice in summer when you can sit outside – you should definitely give it a shot!


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Contact Details:

Ristorante Segantini

Ankerstrasse 120

8004 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 241 07 00

E-Mail: restaurant@segantini.ch

Homepage: http://www.segantini.ch

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