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Huge maggots and scorpion – a unique experience: Restaurant La Casa de los Tacos (20. August 2018)

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I always wanted to pay a visit to Coyacan as it is the ‘artsy’ area of CDMX. Given, I had no clue which restaurant to visit, I googled ‘best restaurant in Coyacan’ and the La Casa de los Tacos is the one which showed up. So, time to go there. Once I arrived there I was immediately feeling the deliciousness in the air. The place is vibrant, simple but it is all about food. You get to try regular tacos as one would normally eat them but you also get to try the ‘pre-Hispanic’ dishes (which are mainly insect related). I started with “orden de escamoles (larva de hormiga, Liometopum apiculatum, guisados a la manera tradicional con mantequilla, cebolla, ajo, cilantro y epazote)” (184 MXN) which is basically maggots. Some years ago, I had maggots in the Restaurant Pujol in 2012 and they were incredibly delicious. So, my expectations were high. However, while they were okay they didn’t taste very special.

What was definitely amazing though was the “orden de meocuiles (gusano blanco de maguey, larva de lepidóptera, Acentrocneme hesperearis, asado con ajo y chile guajillo, con guacamole y frijoles refritas)” (165 MXN). Admittedly, it needed some willpower to eat the first of these huge maggots – but once that was done and you would taste how good they actually are, it was easy! Definitely something you must order when you’re here!

The traditional tacos with “chorizo artesamal asado al carbón (legítimo de Toluca, Rojo)” (59 MXN) are as good. There is a variety of hot sauces you can add to your meat which makes it tastier but to my, some more ingredients like cebolla or queso were missing.

The “sopecitos de tuétano con algo de cebolla fresca” (85 MXN) were delicious as well – I’m usually not a big fan of bone marrow but served in this way, it is quite enjoyable.

Given I had already eaten small maggots and huge maggots, I decided that today was the day to try even more. The “banderillas de alacrán (el terrible scorpion buthidae centruroides presentado sobre cubos de jícama, rábano, pepino, sal de gusano y salsa de tamarindo)” (174 MXN) sounded nice. Given I had to first figure that alacrán means scorpion, I was hesitating quite a bit to order them. But then again, when do you ever get to try scorpion?

Now, when you look at these things, it is not really what tickles your taste buds. And admittedly, once you’ve tried them, it still doesn’t. It is basically a crunchy shell you get there. So, not worth ordering (besides being able to tell the story how you ate a scorpion).

To end the luscious lunch, I decided to go for something a bit more regular like the “jabalí en barbacoa (envuelto en hoja de plátano, cebollitas caramelizada y chipotles de la casa)” (108 MXN) which is capybara. Well, probably also not what one would call ‘normal’ in Europe, but here it is rather normal. And it was delicious!

For dessert, I tried the “buñuelos de membrillo y queso con miel de xoconostle” (36 MXN). Now, frankly, it wasn’t my favourite dessert whatsoever. There is basically Philadelphia stuffed into a roll with some sugar on top. Yeah, better you come here for the tacos and the pre-Hispanic dishes, not so much for dessert.

The place itself is, as initially stated, simple and alive. There are enough waitresses to make sure you don’t have to wait for long when ordering or needing anything. They are friendly but you they are often also not the fastest ones.

And as you can see, this place exists for almost 50 years by now. And I get why people keep coming here!

Definitely one of the better food experiences I’ve had in the past few months – this pre-Hispanic dishes really caught my interest and I’m intending to try many more.


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Restaurant La Casa de los Tacos

Felipe Carrillo Puerto 16

Coyoacán TNT, Coyoacán

04000 Ciudad de México, CDMX (MX)

Tel.: +52 55 5554 9492

Homepage: http://lacasadelostacos.com.mx

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