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Good but not on my list of the 50 Best restaurants: Restaurant Nicos (21. August 2018)

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The Restaurant Nicos is No. 29 of the 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America – given I’ve tried a couple, my expectations were quite high. Frankly speaking, they haven’t really been fulfilled though. The “bread wagon” where you get to pick which breads you want, is nice. However, the waitress did not manage to serve it with the olive oil they had in stock (see bottom of the wagon) or the butter – only after asking specifically for it, I got some.

To start, as in every Mexican restaurant, it seems, you get a selection of different “chilis” and some salt …

… and “fruta de Jamaica” with a hint of chili on top. Now, this is not exactly what I’d call a proper starter but at least you get something to nibble on.

As a starter, I went for the “Del Comal (chalupas, gorditas y sopes variados)” (138 MXN) which were definitely delicious. However, the one in the top right corner doesn’t really taste like anything (unfortunately, I wasn’t able to figure which one it is, but I think it’s the chalupa).

The “Filete Nicolasa (cubierto con polvo de chiles y salsa de jamaica, manzana caramelizada, y ensalada de arúgula)” (277 MXN) which is a typical dish of Nicos was delicious. The meat was perfectly medium-rare as requested, the crust which was done with chili powder is lovely and last but not least, the caramelized apple slices on the side really made it a great combination. The Salsa de Jamaica was not really necessary in my view as it didn’t really add anything to the dish.

The “chile en nogada (relleno)” (420 MXN) was an experience of it’s own. I made the mistake to take two (as I thought they are way smaller) which was definitely too much. The stuffing is made out of minced meat, it has a lot of pomegranate seeds on top and the sauce has a distinct nut flavour.

The selection of friandises was fine although I didn’t try the chocolates coated in chili. I still don’t get that – why are Mexican sweets always covered in chili.

The place is super simple and only to a limited degree appealing if you ask me. However, the staff does its best and while the waiter was doing a great job being super friendly and attentive …

… I’m still a bit surprised about the “5o Best” as the service is not that top notch and neither is – in my view the food.

What is definitely interesting to see though is the “chair” which is hanging at the entrance of the toilet.

All in all, the Restaurant Nicos is worth a try as the food is decent, the service is decent, and the prices are decent but frankly speaking, it’s not a 50 Best restaurant for me.


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Restaurant Nicos

Avenida Cuitláhuac 3102


02080 Ciudad de México, CDMX (MX)

Tel.: +52 1 55 53 96 70 90

E-Mail: facturanicos@hotmail.com

Homepage: http://www.nicosmexico.mx

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