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Definitely a tourist trap, yet not so bad all in all: Restaurant Rancho Zapata (23. August 2018)

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Given I did a full day trip first to Monte Albán and then to Mitla (which is like 50 kilometers on the other side of Oaxaca), it was just time to get some food around 2pm that day. So, I ended up in the Rancho Zapata which the driver had recommended to me. As always, they kind of served “chips with chili dips”.

Given their credit card machine didn’t work, I was limited in terms of what to take as I didn’t have so much cash on me. So I went for the “sopa oaxaqueña” (75 MXN) which contained – well, good question!. In any case, it wasn’t bad or anything but also not really something outstanding.

The “empanada de mole negro” (70 MXN) on the other hand was delicious. It was quite a piece. I had expected something way smaller plus I had expected something like an Argentinian empanada (which is completely different). This tortilla was stuffed with black mole and chicken and really made for a great dish. And surprisingly much!

The place itself is actually quite okay in terms of decoration – but a typical ‘tourist trap’. Given the fact that I was close to starving, I didn’t mind though.

What I liked about the place is the ‘muertos’ at the entrance. Unfortunately, the speed of the service was also rather ‘muerto’. I mean, the waiter was friendly and given I was pretty much the only customer, there wasn’t much to do but it seemed the chef was on vacation or asleep as it took them quite some time to prepare that soup and empanada.

In any case, if you are close to Mitla and hungry, then the Rancho Zapata isn’t an entirely bad choice.


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Restaurant Rancho Zapata

Carretera International Oaxaca – Istmo Km. 42

70440 San Pablo Villa de Mitla (MX)

Tel.: +52 951 514 7005

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