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Despite its reputation – good but not great: Restaurant Mama Inés (29. August 2018)

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The Mama Inés was recommended to me by a friend from Bahrain who had recently visited Cuba. And I must say it was one of the more pleasant food experiences in Cuba. However, it is far from anything extraordinary in any way. I went for the “gambas en ajilo” (14.00 CUC) as a starter and they were okay in terms of flavour but definitely too dry for my personal gusto.

The “Yara Fritta (shredded fried beef)” (10.00 CUC) on the other hand was something I really liked. Admittedly, the dish per se is rather dry too but the shredded fried beef is truly delicious as it is super flavourful and rich.

The “guava and cheese” (3.00 CUC) which I had for dessert on the other hand was a bit of a disappointment. Especially since the cheese is really far from anything having a taste of its own.

The place is, well, okay. I mean, it is somehow nice but it is also somewhat simple and you get to see the scooter in front of the bar corner. I mean, I get it in terms of ‘I don’t want to get my scooter stolen’ but I don’t get it so much in terms of ‘I want to create a nice atmosphere for my guests’.

However, the whole experience is rather expensive for Cuba – considering that I sent 27.00 CUC on food which is almost a one month salary. At least the beverages are somewhat okay in terms of prices (tea for 2.00 CUC, mineral water for 2.00 CUC). All in all, the Mama Inés is definitely one of the better experiences in Cuba – but if you are travelling to get some foodgasms, then you don’t really have to visit Cuba.


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Restaurant Mama Inés

Obrapía # 60 e/ Oficios y Baratillo

La Habana (CU)

Tel.: +53 7 8622 669

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