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Hidden restaurant worth visiting: Restaurant Wirtschaft im Franz (18. September 2018)

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If you find the Wirtschaft zum Franz – and yes, I mean “if” – you can already consider yourself lucky as they place is not easy to find and you can’t really get there by car but only by foot. However, once you’ve arrived and found your table, they serve you some sour dough bread …

… followed by a “cow filet tartar with buckwheat, capers and rape oil mayonnaise” which was definitely delicious but also somewhat sub-optimal because the buckwheat was rather crunchy and kind of overwhelming when it came to the taste of the tartar.

The “cauliflower, prepared in a Polish way, served with an Onsen egg and parsley” was fine as well and definitely worth trying.

As a main, they served the “pork belly, chanterelles, corn, tomatoes and pork belly grindings” which was a good dish but a bit too chanterelles heavy for my personal gusto (but at least it is a seasonal vegetable).

The “cheese plate” on the other hand was completely lacking inspiration as it was three pieces of cheese and they did not really explain what exactly it was. And it was – taste-wise – definitely nothing extraordinary.

All in all, a nice evening at the restaurant Wirtschaft im Franz is not cheap but definitely a nice experience in Zurich. The place is lovely in terms of atmosphere, the service is friendly (although not fully up to the task as it took quite a while initially to get water, bread, and the menu.

However, the Wirtschaft im Franz is kind of a bit different than the usual suspects in Zurich – somehow young, fun, with good food, although the service has some room for improvement.


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Restaurant Wirtschaft im Franz

Bremgartnerstrasse 18

8003 Zürich (CH)

Tel.: +41 43 558 44 22

E-Mail: info@wirtschaftimfranz.ch

Homepage: http://www.wirtschaftimfranz.ch

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