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Been here before and liked it back then too: Restaurant RiFF by Bernd H. Knöller (13. October 2018)

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When I had booked the RiFF, I didn’t realize that I have already paid this place a visit four years ago. But once I walked in, I realized that this place looks very familiar. Nothing has changed in terms of atmosphere or interior design (it still looks nice). I went for the “Menu RiFF” (EUR 85.00) with the corresponding wines (6 glasses, EUR 45.00) which started with a couple of snacks like “spicy macadamia nuts” which were simple but definitely activated your palate.

Before the actual menu was served, respectively, before you would even get the menu to pick what you wanted to eat, they’d serve more ‘snacks’. Next was “Crispy Rice – Paprika – Salvelino Caviar” which was refreshing and at the same time intense and interesting. Loved it.

The “Tempura sea moss – green peas” was definitely something I haven’t tried before. It was a perfect crunchy snack – and despite the fact that it was somewhat fried (i.e. a bit oily), it felt really healthy while eating it (I’m rather sure though it is actually not).

The “rosquilleta with lamb” which was kind of a dry cookie was nothing exciting. And definitely too dry for my personal gusto. Maybe it would work well with a glass of milk but given the lamb is in there, that is probably also not a perfect fit.

The “bread” which was served with fresh olive oil was absolutely rich but a bit greasy.

The first course of the evening was “Mojama – almonds – bloody mary”. Now, the bloody mary didn’t look too red as it usually would because it was prepared out of ‘tomato water’ instead of the tomatoes themselves. And it tasted as good as a ‘regular’ bloody mary. I quite liked it.

The “dried tuna” with the almond cream, the French onion and the oil on top was absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, the portion was a bit small but the flavours were all the more intense. Definitely a great start into the evening.

The next ‘snack’ was a “sardine” – interesting in terms of texture as the stuff which was served with it was somewhat crispy. The sardine itself was rich and smooth.

The next course was a bit of a “miracle” to me. “Lettuce – cod liver – cockles”. Now, I believe it is ballsy and definitely speaks for the chef to try new things as usually fish liver is not the thing you’d serve. But somehow the dish looked a bit too boring. And frankly, you’d have to dig deep to get some of the liquid with the mussels. And even then, in combination, I didn’t like the flavour mixture that well.

The next course was “oyster – salsify – camelina”. Usually, I’m not a big fan of oyster as I always think it just tastes like you’ve been drinking an ocean (or the like) and the consistency is also not to my personal liking. However, today with the salsify, it was surprisingly tasty.

My absolutely favourite course this evening was the “young white tuna – poppy seeds – snow peas”. The fish was so tender, so smooth, it would part just like butter. The poppy seeds and the sesame oil with the snow peas just made for the perfect broth. With the oil it was obviously somewhat oily but the flavour combination was just exquisite so you wanted more and more.

The next course was almost as good as the previous one. “Rice – beer yeast – mushrooms”. It looked interesting. And it tasted interesting. But it also tasted glorious. The rice was perfectly cooked, the mushrooms were raw and sliced very thinly, and last but not least, the beer yeast somehow added to the whole dish making it an experience. However, just make sure you wouldn’t pile up too much of beer yeast on one spoon as it becomes a bit powdery and dry.

The “skate – razor clams – black rice broth” was interesting but the razor clams are a bit special in terms of consistency – you either like them, or you don’t. I’m not a big fan of them.

The first dessert was great again “melon – ginger – lime – anise”. The anise was a bit dominant but it was still absolutely enjoyable and the freshness of the ginger with the melon and lime just cleansed your palate for dessert time.

The “mango – avocado – coriander – yuzu” was refreshing. I have never tried “avocado ice cream” (also, on the menu it says ‘advocado’ which means ‘lawyer’). It is an interesting texture and consistency but the creaminess and fattiness of the avocado in combination with the cold temperature of the ice cream is unique. But not sure if it’s great.

The finalize the evening, they served a small “chocolate cake” …

… and some “irish coffee”. The irish coffee was thick so you’d have to eat it with a spoon – and it was not only thick but it was also delicious! Definitely one of the better desserts I have had in a while. And all of this while it was incredibly simple.

The interior design of the restaurant is super nice – modern – spacious. There are maybe 10-12 tables only. But it seems to work quite well as the chef, a German called Bernd, told us that they just celebrated their 25 years anniversary. And that is actually quite great about it as it gives you the privacy you need, yet you are part of the room as the tables are only divided by thin curtains. What I liked a lot was the fact that the chef was actually always coming to the table to serve and explain the dishes. That is true commitment!

When it comes to the service, they generally did a good job. But when it came to refilling your water glasses, they somehow failed. And the annoying part was that they left the water bottle out of reach of the table. Once I had asked them to leave it on the table, things were smooth and perfect. The prices are overall very fair – including for the menu and the wine pairing. And I can definitely recommend you to enjoy your dinner here – just make sure to book in advance.


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Restaurant RiFF by Bernd H. Knöller

Carrer del Comte d’Altea 18

46005 València (E)

Tel.: +34 671 87 59 75

E-Mail: reservas@restaurante-riff.com

Homepage: http://www.restaurante-riff.com

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