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A true little gem in the middle of the harbor: Restaurant Lido Hafen (17. October 2018)

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I had walked by the Lido a couple of times and somehow each time I stopped to check out the menu – today was the day I was giving it a try. While I was expecting a full place, it turned out that our table was the only table occupied. I almost felt a bit sorry for the waiter and the waitress. Secondly, I expected to get a starter and a main and no in-between courses. But there were actually quite a lot of these making it an even more enjoyable experience. The first amuse bouche was “salmon with creme fraîche” which was a nice way to get your palate started.

Secondly, there was a “toasted bread with tomato jam and San Daniele ham” – somehow made you feel like you’re going back to Spain to that Mercado de San Miguel.

The “cream puffs” were fluffy but definitely nothing extraordinary.

The “black feather chicken with parmesan” was definitely interesting but also nothing mind-boggling.

Together with a selection of three different breads, we were served “butter with juniper salt” and “butter with tomato salt” which was a nice spread for the tasty bread.

Before the actual starter another pre-starter was served – “zander dumplings, herbs, fennel, orange”. While I liked the dish and the combination of the different flavours and consistencies, I must admit that the zander dumpling alone tasted a bit funny.

My starter was “king crab in lemon olive oil, chilled lobster consomé, heritage tomato and peach salad” (EUR 26.00). It looked amazing and it tasted delicious – but EUR 26.00 for that amount of food is a bit of a rip-off. I mean, okay, I get it, the place costs, the staff costs and all the starters, etc. cost – but the king crab meat was tiny!

The “mascarpone-enriched saffron risoni with pickled peppers, green vegetables, soft-boiled egg, herbs” (EUR 27.00) on the other hand was absolutely worth its money. Smooth and rich.

And to end the evening, friandises were served – “chocolate with lemon cream”, “macaroon with raspberry” and a “chocolate cake with raspberry”. I loved the lemon filled chocolate – the rest was fine.

The place is really lovely but you have to be willing to spend a bit – EUR 140.00 (admittedly, EUR 65.00 for the bottle of wine plus EUR 6.00 for 0,5l of Badoit) per person for a dinner isn’t on the cheap side either. But it is worth the investment!


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Restaurant Lido Hafen

Am Handelshafen 15

40221 Düsseldorf (DE)

Tel.: +49 211 157 68 730

E-Mail: welcome@lido1960.de

Homepage: http://www.lido1960.de

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