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Lovely place for Japanese dishes – on the pricier side though: Restaurant JIN GUI @ Tortue (31. October 2018)

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The JIN GUI is located in the Tortue Hotel which looks generally quite appealing when you enter it. The place isn’t huge really but has – besides the dining area – a nice bar. Once you’re seated and have received your menu, some “cucumbers” are brought to your table as a starter.

I went for a proper starter though – the “edamame (soy beans, garlic chili oil, sea salt)” (EUR 8.00) which was fine. Not as juicy as edamame ideally is but good.

The “large sashimi variation” (EUR 28.00) was good but for the fact that you get in total maybe 12 slices of fish, EUR 28.00 is still a bit on the expensive side. Admittedly, the tuna was good but somehow it didn’t feel like it was worth its money.

The “dim sum truffle scallop (scallops, prawn, truffle, wasabi mayonnaise)” (EUR 5.00 per piece) and the “dim sum chicken curry (chicken, curry, coriander, tonkatsu-mayonnaise)” (EUR 5.00 per piece) were decent. I liked the chicken curry dim sum a lot but thought the dim sum truffle scallop was rather boring in taste.

The service is friendly and relatively attentive which makes you feel comfortable and attended.

Prices are – as usual for Japanese food – quite on the upper level of acceptable (for Germany). With regards to the beverages, the prices are a bit less freaky but still relatively high (e.g. a bottle of San Pellegrino accounts for EUR 9.00, a double espresso for EUR 4.50).

All in all, the JIN GUI is a restaurant worth visiting even though it is at the upper level for Hamburg. Potentially, table reservations might be necessary, especially for weekends.


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Restaurant JIN GUI @ Tortue

Stadthausbrücke 10

20355 Hamburg (DE)

Tel.: +49 40 33 44 14 00

E-Mail: info@tortue.de

Homepage: http://www.tortue.de

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