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Perfect place for a quick pitstop on a hike to Forstseeli: Restaurant Eggli (10. November 2018)

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This November weekend was so perfectly warm it would kind of invite you to go hiking and the Forstseeli in Appenzell is a lovely place to go. The description of the trail kind of said that there were four restaurants along the way. Frankly speaking though, there was just one, the Eggli – and it was packed. It has a nice terrace in which you get to fully enjoy the sun.

If you do not speak Swiss German, this place might be tricky for you to read the menu. I mean, even if you speak Swiss German it is tricky! I went for the “Chääs-Wooschtsalood eefach” (CHF 14.50) which is a “cheese and sausage salad” and it was good and hearty, like it should be.

The service is friendly and relatively swift so it is the perfect place for a quick break before you do the final part of the hike. Next to that the place is also entertaining because the way they write things in a very funny way. It is supposed to read “hot kitchen the whole time from 11.30am till 5.30pm” which would translate “durchgehend heisse Küche”, however, due to their local dialect, they write “Köche” which means “chefs” – so it ends up being “hot chefs available from 11.30am till 5.30pm”.

Secondly, the place seems to enjoy a certain irony – the upper sign says “larger breasts through laying on of hands” – Appointment upon request. Quite funny for a mountain restaurant.

Overall, you get decent dishes in a nice atmosphere in the Eggli which is definitely worth a stop. The dishes are fair in price and so are the beverages (e.g. 0,5l Rivella with CHF 5.80). So, if you are up for a hike in the area, the Eggli is a place to visit.


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Restaurant Eggli

9050 Appenzell (CH)

Tel.: +41 71 787 16 10

Homepage: http://www.eggli-appenzell.ch

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