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Decent but relatively pricey lunch offering: Restaurant Stricker’s Kehr Wieder Spitze (12. November 2018)

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When entering the restaurant I was a bit surprised as it looked super small. However, what I did not know was the fact that the restaurant has a second floor. On the second floor you have a nice view over the harbor of Hamburg. What is a bit unlucky in terms of design is the fact that the kitchen is downstairs so the waitress always has to get up and down.

As a starter I went for the “small mixed salad with home-made dressing” (EUR 7.90 according to the menu; EUR 6.90 according to the bill) which was – in terms of size – not really a starter. Secondly, the dish was in thus far surprising as it was not only some greens with tomatoes or the like but it was a really rich dish with nuts, bell peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. And it was quite delicious.

As a main course, I went for the “Pan fish from Hamburg served with leaf spinach, steamed tomatoes, roasted potatoes and mustard sauce” (EUR 21.90). While my last pan fish was not really outstanding, this one was rather good. The selection of fishes was fair and they all were tasty. Even the spinach and the mustard sauce really fit the dish. So, all in all a solid dish.

The waitress is friendly and – given the logistical challenges – swift. The prices are not really cheap for lunch but definitely within the acceptable range. The EUR 7.20 for 0,75l of sparkling water are a bit on the upper end of the reasonable in my view.

All in all, the Stricker’s is a place you can definitely visit for lunch – and if you are into a rather lean dish, then a salad is enough.


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Restaurant Stricker’s Kehr Wieder Spitze

Am Sandtorkai 77

20457 Hamburg (DE)

Tel.: +49 40 51 90 30 61

E-Mail: info@kehr-wieder-spitze.de

Homepage: http://www.kehr-wieder-spitze.de

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