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Mouth-watering super size burgers: Restaurant Brooklyn Burger Bar (14. November 2018)

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Once in a while it is quite amazing to enjoy a real burger experience. But before the burger experience, I decided to go for “corn dogs (the US classic: three sausages on a stick breaded with corn flour, fried with love, and served with ketchup)” (EUR 5.00). Now, one can say that it’s stupid but somehow I was expecting there to be corn in the breaded crust. And obviously, there wasn’t. Well, interesting really but now I kind of understand more why people like those.

Given it was burger time, I went for the “hangover burger (beef, double cheddar, egg sunny side up, BBQ sauce, salad, tomato, cucumber)” (EUR 14.50) in its “monster version” (+ EUR 5.00) accompanied by “pimientos de padron” (EUR 5.00). The burger was huge! I mean, no wonder if you consider the fact that there are 400 grams of beef but it was not only huge but it was also absolutely delicious! The beef was really prepared medium (and not well done like it is so often even if you order medium). So, if you decided to pay the Brooklyn Burger Bar a visit, make sure to try the hangover burger!

In terms of atmosphere, the place is nice and relatively crowded. However, in terms of service I got a bit a mixed impression. At first they really didn’t manage to create a welcoming atmosphere as they basically made you wait – despite the fact that I had booked a table in advance. So, if you want to stand a chance to actually score a table, make sure that you book in advance. But then, don’t be there one minute too early as else you’ll have to wait standing around. So, in that phase, the service wasn’t really friendly but rather rude. Once we got assigned our table, things changed a bit and the service became way friendlier. Funny enough that it was the same waitress.

All in all, the Brooklyn Burger Bar is definitely a place worth trying if you like burgers! Booking in advance highly recommended!


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Restaurant Brooklyn Burger Bar

Alter Fischmarkt 3

20457 Hamburg (DE)

Tel.: +49 40 34 99 48 66

E-Mail: infos@brooklynburgerbar.de

Homepage: http://www.brooklynburgerbar.de

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