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Good but somehow overrated as not traditional Thai anymore: Restaurant La Table de Tee (28. December 2018)

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This restaurant was also recommended in the guide ‘Where Chefs Eat‘. However, it seems like the place has changed quite a bit since they were originally discovered. In the book they are talking about a restaurant which serves 7 to 8 typical Thai courses. Well, there is not too much visible of that anymore. They have a “set menu” (1’350 BHT) where you can pick a couple of courses but frankly, they are not really Thai, respectively, they are not very traditional it seemed to me.

The first course was “smoked duck & five spices (roasted duck and chestnut tortellini & slices of duck breast, vegetable dressing & duck cream soup)”. I did like the dish, no question, but somehow the spiciness I would have expected of a traditional Thai dish, was missing.

The second course was “Scallop & Kaffir Lime (pan roasted scallop & crispy ham simmered leek, crunchy pork shorter & crustacean sauce)”. Since I have had these scallops at O Paparico a couple of years back, there has been nothing coming even close to those scallops. Tonight it wasn’t bad either but it was not closely in the league of the O Paparico.

The “Red Snapper & Garlic (pan fried red snapper & roasted lobster and eggplant cream, crunchy crab rolls & garlic lime fish jus)” was overall good but the eggplant cream was too heavy compared to the rest of the dish and the fish was a rather small portion.

The two waiters do an amazing job in caring and making sure you feel comfortable. Definitely nothing wrong with that. Until this course, they are super quick in serving though. I think I’ve had the three above-mentioned courses in the course of approximately 15 minutes. Which seems rather quick to me – and I eat rather quickly on average. He finally then asked when I wanted the main course and I took some time to try the “Granmonte Heritage Syrah 2014, Asoke Valley, Thailand” (1’500 BHT) red wine. Frankly, I did not expect anything of Thai red wine and was in thus far positively surprised as that the wine was actually not too bad!

When I finally asked for the main course, I was a bit disappointed by its size. If this is supposed to be the main course then it should, I think, be a bit bigger than the other courses. However, the “Beef & Thymes (pan roasted thymes marinated beef tenderloin, black olive mash potato & parsnip cream & garlic beef jus)” was great in terms of flavor. I was definitely liking it, however, I was again missing the traditional aspect of it. It seems they have somehow lost their traditional Thai heritage when it comes to cooking. Yes, good, yes, fine dining, no, not Thai.

As a dessert, I had actually ordered the other one on the menu and I got the “Coconut Chocolate Tart (coconut almond chocolate tart & cacao tuile, macadamia ice cream)”. I didn’t complain about as I had already a massage booked hereafter and had to run to make it on time. Now, frankly, I was a bit disappointed by the fact that they would not be able to remember the two choices I had to make – the main and the dessert. At least they only failed once of the two. Although I am not a big fan of chocolate, I must admit, the dish was actually good. What I didn’t quite understand is why they put liquid nitrogen in a little glass on the plate just for decoration purposes. I would expect that things they put on the table make sense and are actually there to eat / enjoy.

All in all, okay. If you are not used to fine dining probably even exquisite. Expecting a traditional Thai experience though, I must say it was a bit of a disappointment. Price-wise everything is fine but the food was just not what I had expected. And yes, of course, the food was good, just not Thai (as I would understand it). I suppose, it’s not what it used to be.


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Restaurant La Table de Tee

69/5 Soi Saladeang, Rd., BKK Bang Rak

10500 Bangkok (TH)

Tel.: +66 2 636 32 20

E-Mail: tee@latabledetee.com

Homepage: http://www.latabledetee.com

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