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Delicious but simple hot pot and limited English speaking waiters: Hot Pot Pin @ Clarke Quay Centre (31. December 2018)

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When it suddenly starts raining and you are super hungry, then you end up walking into a mall in Singapore where you can find a couple of restaurants. Now, usually around 2pm everything kind of closes down (last serving per 2pm) so it was a rather big challenge to find something. Finally, I did. I only have good memories of hot pot restaurants like the one I visited about 1.5 years ago in Taipei. I went for the “three flavours pot (Upin three soup hot pot)” (14.00 SGD) which had regular one, tomato one and spicy hot pot.

The concept is simple and the ‘design’ of it as well. There is a large square box in the middle of the table and they just bring the pot and put the pot it.

Besides “free flowing beverages” (3.00 SGD) which includes three types of drinks, there is also what they call a “free flowing seasoning bar” (3.00 SGD) which is basically a million different spices and most of them rather on the spicy side.

With that selection plus a part of the ‘hot pot’ in the middle, you are set to start …

… and basically you put what you order in these pots and wait for it to get ready. I went for “cheese fish balls” (6.00 SGD), “US beef slices” (12.00 SGD), “shiitake mushrooms” (4.00 SGD) as well as “udon noodles” (4.00 SGD) accompanied by “steamed rice” (1.00 SGD). I liked it but frankly the selection I had back in Taiwan was definitely better. Somehow, I didn’t chose as wisely I suppose. Still, not a bad place to get a couple of warm things while it’s pouring outside.

The service is not that talented. I was always of the impression that everyone in Singapore speaks English. This is very obviously not the case as the waiter was pretty incapable of English. Else, the service is friendly and really try to make it a pleasant experience but it is still a restaurant in a mall.


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Hot Pot Pin @ Clarke Quay Centre

6 Eu Tong Sen St, 03-87

059817 Singapore (SG)

Tel.: +65 62 21 55 50

Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/upindining

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