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Great place to try wagyu on a table grill: Restaurant Shato Burian Yakiniku (3. January 2019)

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I wanted to have something light before take off for a 12.5 hours flight SIN – FRA, and something close to my hotel but I kind of failed. After the first idea was closed, I walked down the street and saw a sign. Now that sign said that there is a newly opened restaurant and the ad looked tasty. Given I didn’t have much time to spend I decided to give it a try. And it was worth trying.

I started the dinner with “edamame” (7.00 SGD) which were okay but the salt wasn’t applied too generously.

As a starter, I went for the “Kurobuta crispy black pork belly” (20.00 SGD) which was rather fatty but full of flavor making it a good starter.

Then, the real fun began. There is a little grill in the middle of your table and you get to put your meat there yourself to grill it according to your liking. You’d think. Well, it’s different with Wagyu apparently. I went for a selection of different meats to try starting with the “Medium Cut Rosu Lean Meat” (38.00 SGD) which you have to grill 5 seconds on both sides. I liked the meat, great, smooth, tender.

Then, it was time for the “Thin Cut Uwamisuji (premium lean meat with some marbling)” (48.00 SGD on the menu, but 58.00 SGD charged). This was absolutely amazing! The meat was so incredibly tender and smooth it was pure joy! Important – just three seconds per side!

Then it was time for the “Thin Cut Rump (tender with a spy texture)” (46.00 SGD) which again needed to be grilled 3 seconds per side. This was fine as well but not as good as the Uwamisuji.

As sides I went for the “Japanese Rice” (3.00) and the “Wagyu Fried Rice” (15.00 SGD). While the Japanese rice (given it was plain rice) was a bit boring, I liked the “Wagyu Fried Rice” but with 15.00 SGD I found it a bit expensive.

For dessert, I went for the “mochi mizushingen” (12.00 SGD) which was the smoothest mochi I have ever tried in my life. Usually, the mochis are very chewy and stick together – this one was different! It was just soooooo smooth! Incredibly!

Last but not least, the restaurant offered “egg cake on the house” branded with their logo. This egg cake has to be carefully grilled on that table grill …

… and once it is ready to be eaten (it looks so pretty, no?), I must say I found it better than expected. Then again, it’s more like an omelet for me so not really a dessert but I guess you can’t be picky if it is offered to you.

What I loved about the place was its simplicity as well as its attention to detail. Look at that little cow with the nose ring for the chopsticks! Love it!

The place itself is rather simple though and nothing much in terms of ‘atmosphere’ but it is functional and it works well with the cleanliness of the overall concept.

The Shato Burian Yakiniku just opened about a month ago but in my opinion it is definitely worth trying – especially since the meat is delicious! Frankly, it is also a bit on the expensive side but it is worth paying for! Also because the service is super attentive and does an impeccable job!


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Restaurant Shato Burian Yakiniku

390 Orchard Rd, #02-08

238871 Singapore (SG)

Tel.: +65 6904 3308

E-Mail: info@shatoburian.com.sg

Homepage: http://www.shatoburian.com.sg

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