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When you definitely are in a food coma afterwards: Restaurant A Tasca (5. January 2019)

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If you order a blood sausage for EUR 6.50 as a starter you’d expect a small portion of food but the “blood sausage with pineapple” (EUR 6.50) is actually a super large sausage. It is absolutely delicious, so I’m not complaining but it could gladly have been much smaller as it stuffs you quite a lot in its size. At first I was a bit skeptical about the combination with pineapple but frankly speaking, the combination of the flavor of the blood sausage together with the sweetness of the pineapple works quite well.

I also had to try something very local – the “Açorda da Camarão (typical Portuguese dish composed of thickly sliced bread, garlic, herbs, olive oil, poached eggs and shrimps)” (EUR 5.00) which is finished at your table in front of you with a fresh egg. The dish is good but has an intense taste of prawns and due to the soaked bread is super heavy. If you order a blood sausage and this, you’re stuffed.

The “petinga frita (fried sardines)” (EUF 3.50) were somewhat okay – especially if you’d squeeze the orange they would serve with it over them. But this dish was rather regular.

As a main, I went for the “Barriga de Atum Medio” (EUR 12.00) which is somehow tuna belly. And frankly, this wasn’t to my liking at all. The meat of the tuna was dense, sticking together a lot and the flavor was very intense. But in an unpleasant way.

The place is lively, packed, and as a good mix of locals and tourists on a Saturday evening. I was surprised how well the few waiters manage the tables – and they are actually still relatively friendly while serving. The prices are fair for what you get but I wouldn’t go for the local red wine called “Terras de Lava (Pico)” (EUR 12.50) as it is really far from great. However, if you visit the Azores in the low season, the A Tasca is open and the food is actually quite good – unless you order off-season frozen tuna.


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Restaurant A Tasca

R. do Aljube 16

9500-018 Ponta Delgada (PT)

Tel.: +351 296 288 880

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