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Great place with good food and superb service: Restaurant Big 21 (7. January 2019)

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A couple of nights before, I had walked into Big 21 and it turned out that they were fully booked so I decided to give it a try two days later and it was definitely worth doing so. Heads-up: Book in advance as else you will have your difficulties getting a table. I started with “ovos codorniz” (EUR 1.00) which are “Azorean quail eggs”. Azorean in that context means pickled which were all in all lovely.

As a second dish, I went for the “salgado” (EUR 1.50 cada una) which was a “croquette with Dijon mustard”. That was nothing spectacular.

What I did like a lot though was the “salada polvo” (EUR 4.50) or the “octopus salad”. Great dish and lovely in texture and flavor.

Given I had such good mussels for lunch, I decided to give it another try and I ordered “lingueirão” (EUR 12.00) which were “clams ‘bulhão pato'”. The clams themselves were fine and tasty but what was truly outstanding was the sauce – absolutely mouth-watering!

As a main, I went for the “peixe” (EUR 17.00), i.e. “the fish of the day” which was a salmon today which was served with beet root risotto! The risotto was absolutely great and the salmon was quite tasty too! So, all in all, a great food experience in a very nice atmosphere!

Besides that, the restaurant is also great because the prices are very fair, including for beverages (e.g. water 0,75l, EUR 2.50; glass of wine, EUR 3.50; bottle of wine, EUR 18.50; double espresso, EUR 2.00). And not only that – despite the fact that there is only one waiter and one waitress and the place was quite packed, they manage to be very attentive, very friendly, and very helpful at all times! I can definitely recommend the Big 21 for dinner!


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Restaurant Big 21

R. Ernesto do canto Antiga Rua Denasa da graca 17

9500-308 Ponta Delgada (PT)

Tel.: +351 296 281 398

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