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27. December 2010: Restaurant Aaron’s Kitchen

| December 29, 2010 | 3 Comments

Good fresh tuna fish – and a lot of average other food describes Aaron’s Kitchen best. The starter brought to us by the kitchen was some kind of garlic bread and chips accompanied by some humus-like sauce. Not bad in combination but nothing close to the real Arabian humus.

Fresh mussels from the sea with white wine, butter and garlic sauce what was I ordered for the official starter (Repata di Cozze, EUR 8.50). But – although Valetta is right next to the sea and one could expect fresh mussels there at all times, the waitress told me that they didn’t have any fresh mussels anymore but only frozen ones. As I really wanted to have mussels I went for those. The clams were only one-half of the whole thing, so you didn’t really have an opportunity to check which ones popped open while cooking and which ones didn’t which I considered confusing in the first place. Secondly, the sauce in which the clams were cooked was quite tasteless. Although it tasted somewhat like wine and garlic the intensity diverged towards zero.

The fresh tuna fish (EUR 18.50) with the pepper crust was really rich in taste. Cooked to the point, tender, you were able cut it with your fork and it was grilled perfectly and complemented awesome with the pepper crust. The potatoes which came with the tuna were good too and the cauliflower – although I normally don’t like cauliflower – was rich in taste too.

The service was good in the aspect that the waitresses were friendly and helpful. What was totally unacceptable though was the speed of the kitchen – it took them ages for the courses. The mussels came after 30 minutes and it took them another 30 minutes for the tuna to be made. Definitely way too long looking at the fact that the restaurant was not really crowded, or the tables which were full were almost done with their dishes.

Aaron’s Kitchen looks nice from the outside and the inside looks okay too. It’s somehow like a typical Italian restaurant. The tables are close to each other, it’s pretty tight, and the guests which are normally there are quite noisy.

The prices are decent too – although the EUR 18.50 for the fresh tuna are pretty high compared to the rest of the dishes. But all in all, it’s fine. Aaron’s Kitchen is nice, the personnel friendly and the food okay for the price. The time you have to wait between the dishes – or even to get the first one – is definitely beyond the acceptable. Therefore, if you’re looking for a quick lunch, Aaron’s Kitchen is definitely the wrong place to go.


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Restaurant Aaron’s Kitchen

Archbishop Street 107

Valletta (Malta)

Tel.: +356 21 23 06 36

Mobile: +356 99 45 83 56

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3 Comments on "27. December 2010: Restaurant Aaron’s Kitchen"

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  1. Olympia says:

    Tista’ikel jekk joghgbok tghidli jekk taghmilx ikel gluten free. Jekk iva u nkun gejja mal-hbieb irridu nibbukjaw minn qabel. Grazzi

  2. Sven says:

    Hi Olympia,
    Sfortunatament I ma jista ‘jgħidlek jekk ikun hemm ikel mingħajr glutina, imma jekk inti tinvestiga direttament fil-ristorant, jiena ċert li inti tista’ tipprovdi informazzjoni.

    Greetings ħafna, TheDiningExperience

  3. Helen Smith says:

    Throughly enjoyed our meal at the restaurant. The service was good and the waitress was more than happy to meet all our needs (as we wiahed to adapt the menu). The food was beautifully cooked and we would certainly recommend to anyone we know who are going to visit Malta. Thankyou for giving us a lovely evening.

    Helen and Richard Smith

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