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Super swift and delicious Indian lunch experience: Restaurant Kirti’s Dhaba (15. January 2019)

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There is nothing which beats a swift lunch which is also tasty plus good value – and that’s exactly what you find at Kirti’s Dhaba! The place looks kind of run down as it is super simple with simple chairs, simple tables and just no decoration at all. But that’s not what you come here for – you come here for the food! I went for the “Murgh Curry (curry chicken à la Kirti’s Dhaba)” (EUR 6.50). Given the price, my expectations were low. But I was persuaded after the first bite, that I was damn wrong – the chicken is tender, no strings, no skin, just plain tasty chicken with a super lovely sauce! Amazing!

Last but not least, the naan bread which comes complimentary to the main dish you order is also quite delicious. I haven’t tried the sauce which was served with it as the sauce of my dish was so good.

While the place is not so appealing in terms of interior design, the service easily compensates for that – they are friendly and super swift. They take up the order within minutes and the beverages are also served within minutes and are good – I did like the “Mango Lassi” (EUR 2.00) a lot and the “Masala Tea” (EUR 3.00) was also quite fine. The dish needs like 5 minutes and it is worth waiting for them – if you can even call that waiting!

What was truly impressive to me was the turnover – in the 30 minutes we might have spent there, there was never a table empty. The moment someone had left a table, it was reoccupied within maximum 3 minutes. So, even if you come and it’s full – it’s worth waiting!


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Restaurant Kirti’s Dhaba

Düsselthaler Str. 1a

40211 Düsseldorf (DE)

Tel.: +49 211 8604202

Fax: +49 211 8604890

E-Mail: info@kirtisdhaba.de

Homepage: http://www.kirtisdhaba.de

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