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Decent Thai food but not the real thing: Restaurant Massaman Medienhafen (15. January 2019)

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After just having been to Bangkok for a few days I was a bit skeptical about a Thai restaurant in Germany – and I was right to some degree. After having taken my seat I had asked how spicy ‘spicy’ actually was. And it turns out that the statement of the waitress was not quite true. The *scharf is not actually spicy – so you can easily go for one level up. Anyhow, I ordered the “cheese balls (4 pieces) with sweet sour sauce” (EUR 5.90) as a starter and I must say they were rather boring.

The “Poh Pia Yai (Thai spring roll with meat stuffing and sweet and sour sauce)” (EUR 4.80) on the other hand can be considered a good starter.

What I liked a lot was the “Yam Salad Pad Nua Thakhai (grilled beef with lemongrass served on fresh salad and rocket salad)” (EUR 9.90). What I always keep forgetting when being in Germany is the fact that the portions are actually huge when you order something. And while the portion was huge, I liked it – it wasn’t spicy as suggested by the menu but it was yummy and relatively light, even considering the relatively large portion it was.

As a main, I went for the “Geang Kour Pet Yang (crispy duck with Thai curry, coconut milk, lychees, pineapple, bell pepper, bamboo, Thai basil, chili and lemon leaves)” (EUR 16.00). The duck was crispy and yet the quality of the meat was decent. What you often get is strings and other parts you definitely do not enjoy eating but in this case it was actually overall quite yummy. However, given all I’ve had before, the portion was way too big.

The place is simple when it comes to the interior decoration but the service is friendly and attentive – or at least it was in the beginning. Throughout the evening I had to wave a bit more at them so they’d show up. All in all though, the food is good and the prices are fair. What I would not recommend you to have here is wine as the selection is rather poor.


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Restaurant Massaman Medienhafen

im Medienhafen

Gladbacher Straße 51

40219 Düsseldorf (DE)

Tel.: +49 211 15 79 25 25

E-Mail: info@massaman-medienhafen.de

Homepage: http://www.massaman-medienhafen.de

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