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27. December 2010: Villa Corinthia @Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa

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A major disappointment is the perfect description for the dining experience at the Villa Corinthia at the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa, Attard, Malta.

The Amuse Bouche was a piece of pork sausage on an onion tomato confit – while the confit was tasty and smooth, the pork sausage was pretty regular (actually, not any better than a regular Swiss pork sausage).

The starter was a Prawn Tartare which was not bad but didn’t taste much like prawn as there were too many vegetable elements in the tartare. The tomatoes with lovage and acceto balsamico tasted good though.

The primo piatto – penne with tomato sauce – was good. They were slightly overcooked (more than “al dente”) but the sauce was pretty rich. Definitely the best course of the evening.

The main course – from which I expected most – was a major disappointment. The beef was burnt and therefore tasted horrible. When you cut the outside, the inside was extremely tender and good, too bad though that the outside was burnt and difficult to cut off. To complete the disappointment the potatoes tasted even worse – the outside was dry, crusty and tasteless and as tasteless was the inside. The vegetables accompanying the meat tasted like right nothing – also a major disappointment. All in all, the main course was just really close to non-eatable.

What made a bit up for the whole evening was the dessert trolley – there was a nice selection of different tarts and cakes plus fresh fruit salad. And the plate got nicely decorated with strawberry sauce which tasted also good. The fruit cake was great, the typical Malta chocolate Christmas cake was good too (but too chocolaty for me) and the fruit salad was fine as well.

All in all, the Menu du Jour (EUR 29.50) was a disappointment. The penne was okay, the dessert selection was good too but that was about it. Especially the main course was a major disappointment. At least the local wine, a bottle of “Palantino Tempranillo” (EUR 17.00) was good but was also missing “length”.

In addition, the service was really disappointing. We were welcomed really unfriendly and brought to one of the less ideal tables. In addition, the waiters were not really talkative and friendly (with one exception – Louis). Additionally, they took off the plates too early from the table (one of us was still eating while the waiter took the plate), secondly, they didn’t refill our glasses with neither wine nor water, and last but not least, they’ve filled the glasses wrongly: the large glass was used as a water glass and the small as the glass for red wine.

In addition, the timing of the plates was really bad. The first course came after ages, the second plate came way too fast. The third plate was kind of okay to come when it comes to timing and finally, it took them too long again for the dessert trolley to be served. Suddenly though, when I asked for the bill, they were quick and friendly – what a surprise.

What is great though – and that must be said – is the atmosphere. The room is just amazing. It’s a really high and entirely held in marble. It’s kind of like a huge prom hall and has little balconies on the upper levels. Most likely, they’re just there for decoration purposes but it really gives the hall the edge you’re looking for in great restaurant atmosphere.

To sum it up – the service is bad, the food as well, the prices – considering just the amount and number of courses – are fair but considering the quality of the dishes, are way too high. The only thing which would want you to make to go there is the atmosphere of the hall as it is truly great. Otherwise, there is no need or reason to go there – even if you’re a guest of the hotel. Malta is so small, you can easily find something better and you definitely should!


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Villa Corinthia @Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa Malta

De Paule Avenue

Attard (Malta)

Tel. : +356 21 44 03 01

Fax : +356 21 46 57 13

E-Mail : sananton@palace.corinthia.com

Homepage : http://www.corinthia.com

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