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Quite touristic yet with great dishes: Restaurant Taberna Mas Al Sur (9. February 2019)

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Apparently, the Taberna Mas al Sur has a big brother called ‘Taberna al Sur’ – quite a funny choice of names if you ask me but it didn’t keep us from going there. The place is not that huge but it somehow doesn’t matter as the waiter compensates for all the non-comfort with his care and friendliness. And not only that, when we wanted each to order two dishes, he basically suggested us to order less so we would be able to share and would still absolutely have enough. And he was right!

The “paella de mariscos” (EUR 14.80) was overall quite okay. Frankly speaking, I have had better paella and I suppose you should eat it close to the sea but it was fine.

As a second dish, we had ordered the “cruijentes de berenjenas con alioli de arandanos” (EUR 8.50). While I like the fried eggplants, I wasn’t particularly fond of the sauce as it was somehow a bit weird in terms of taste.

The “solomillo al sur (solomillo de ternera con salsa Roquefort)” (EUR 13.80) was perfectly medium-rare and the meat was quite delicious. However, the salsa Roquefort was definitely too intense for me. I mean, I definitely love blue cheese but somehow it was overlapping all the flavors of the meat.

The *3 Leches Cake” (EUR 4.00) was great to have a bite – sweet yet not overwhelmingly sweet so you would still be able to enjoy it accordingly.

Unfortunately, the waiter left after the main dishes and we got a new one. Not less friendly but not as attentive as the first one. However, I liked the place a lot – only when it comes to the wine, I’d say they could offer better wines. The “3 Tempranillos Crianza, Castilla y León” (EUR 2.85) was good for a glass but I’m sure you’d end up with a headache if you had more than one glass.


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Restaurant Taberna Mas Al Sur

Calle de Santa Isabel 35

28012 Madrid (E)

Tel.: +34 910 24 99 36

Homepage: https://www.facebook.com/Taberna-Mas-Al-Sur-1495395980751442/

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