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Not French at all – quite disappointing: Restaurant Brasserie Münster (13. February 2019)

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The Brasserie Münster had been recommended to me but I must say that I have definitely eaten better in Münster before. I walked in around 9:50pm and was happy to know that they would still serve food – not something you’d necessarily expect in a city like Münster. I went for the “chorizo pan (spicy chorizo in a red wine onion broth with honey) served with herb baguette” (EUR 6.50). The chorizo wasn’t particularly tasty and frankly neither was the broth in which it was prepared. I mean, it wasn’t like you cannot eat it but it definitely wasn’t among the more pleasurable things in life I’ve tried.

As a second course, I had the “classical Caesar salad (salad, tomatoes, roasted croûtons with Caesar dressing, shaved Grana Padana) served with herb baguette fresh from the oven)” (EUR 7.90) and “tender grilled chicken breast filet” (+ EUR 4.90). Well, it was somehow a Caesar salad but frankly not of the enjoyable kind. The chicken was somewhat okay but not really that enjoyable as it lacked flavour of any kind. It just tasted super bland.

The place is fine in terms of atmosphere but even though it is rather large and there weren’t too many people, it was incredibly loud. So if you, e.g. intend to have a phone call, then this is really not the right place for that. What I must outline positively, the service as well as the kitchen were super swift and friendly. And although I had ordered quite a lot at once including a “Rooibos Vanilla Tea” (EUR 3.00) and a “Yuzu lemonade (yuzu puree, sweet & sour lemonade mixture)” (EUR 5.50), all came super quickly and nothing was forgotten.

To sum it up, this does not necessarily belong to the places I’d like to return to but one can obviously eat here late at night which is a huge plus.


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Restaurant Brasserie Münster

Salzstraße 35

48143 Münster (DE)

Tel.: +49 251 981 69 80

Homepage: https://www.deine-brasserie.de/brasserie-muenster

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