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29. December 2010: Restaurant Blue Creek

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A first Maltese dining experience which can be said to be enjoyable and an absolutely stunning view all over the sea! The Amuse Bouche was a little tower of avocado and prawns. While the prawns were very well-prepared and rich in taste, the avocado was a bit hard but the mixture fit perfect. The salad which came with it was good too – although it had some grass-like elements, these tasted good with the salad sauce.

As a starter I had “Duo di Fegatini” (chicken and rabbit liver; EUR 8.00) which was great. The rabbit liver was a bit more corny than the chicken liver and therefore, the chicken liver was more tender and tasteful. The combination with the flaky pastry and the sauce of the livers was giving a perfect combination of crispness and softness. Only the sauce to the salad was a bit too keen in this case, being a really subtle oil sauce.

The main course – fresh sword fish (EUR 15.40) – was very rich in taste but a bit too dry. Taking it out the pan a few seconds earlier would have made the difference to make it perfect. The sauce for the fish was great and the combination of the sword fish with the roasted onions on top and the pepper crust was delicious.

The Cassata Siciliana (EUR 4.50) was a real delight: fluffily, cushy and a great combination of taste. The ricotta cheese with the marzipan layer and the crisps on the outside fit perfect. An absolutely great desert!

All in all, the dishes were absolutely tasteful but what made the whole experience even better was the absolutely amazing view! You’re sitting on the terrace and you can see the horizon – and it’s all just sea around you. With great weather like we had it the Restaurant Blue Creek terrace is an amazingly great place. Only the furniture could opt for an improvement.

The Restaurant Blue Creek doesn’t look too appealing from far but once you’re sitting on the terrace you’re not going to waste a single view back at the building but will be looking at the sea and the sun only.

The service changed dramatically during the time we’ve been there: At first it took the waitress more than 15 minutes to take our orders after leading us to the table. Way too long as the restaurant was close to empty when we arrived there. After that the owner of the place and the waiter became responsible for our table the service quality improved massively. It was an epic difference: Suddendly all the hints and tricks a well-educated waiter should know where put into practice, putting the napkin on the customer’s lap, re-filling the glasses, replacing the napkin when you leave the table and even providing us with additional plates and forks for the main course – which only one of us has had.

All in all, the Restaurant Blue Creek is a great place – if you’re ready to wait a bit in the beginning until your order is taken. The view is absolutely amazing, the dishes are really tasty and the prices are more than fair. Definitely a place you should check out when you’re on Malta.


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Restaurant Blue Creek

Ghar Lapsi (Malta)

Tel.: +356 21 46 28 00

Fax: +356 21 46 27 87

E-Mail: info@bluecreekmalta.com

Homepage: http://www.bluecreekmalta.com

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