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30. December 2010: Restaurant The Kitchen

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The confirmation that Maltese people are able to cook – the chef of The Kitchen proofed me wrong when I assumed after four days that eating on Malta is more of a hazzle than joy. Apparently – and luckily – I was wrong. The Amusebouche Cauliflower soup with parsley and garlic reduction was a great combination. Soft, tender the cauliflower soup and spicy and surprising the mixture of parsley and garlic.

The starter, a “Parmesan flan with apple salad, sweet and sour chickpeas, beetroot jelly and sesame vinaigrette” (EUR 8.75) was surprisingly tasty. The Parmesan flan was really light and didn’t have – as I expected – an overwhelming strong taste of Parmesan. The salad was really light with the sesame vinaigrette and complemented the flan perfectly.

The main course, “Roasted Salmon Fillet, Olive Crumble, Cauliflower purée, sun-dried tomato & vanilla syrup” (EUR 16.00) was absolutely tender. The olive crumble crust was a bit too thick (almost 1 cm) on top of the salmon but it was absolutely tasteful in combination with the salmon. The sundried tomato and vanilla syrup was a great taste-addition to the salmon and gave it the extra on top. The cauliflower purée on the other side was a bit disappointing as it didn’t taste like much really – the natural flavour was somehow missing.

The desert, a “Crème Brûlée, Mango Coulis and Brandy Snap” (EUR 8.00) was two-folded. The Crème Brûlée with the Mango Coulis was a great and really tasty combination. The Brandy Snap on the other hand was really not of my taste. The Crème Brûlée was perfectly top with a thick layer of burned sugar. And the creme below was soft and had its natural vanilla flavour.

All in all, the dishes in The Kitchen were just great. Some really small things like the cauliflower purée and its missing natural flavour could be improved but otherwise, right nothing to complain about. Also, the service is friendly and quick (but forgot to refill our wine glasses) and the atmosphere is really nice – modern interior design, sec, nothing fancy but clear-cut edges and a strong wooden influence.

The prices are fair too, for one part for the dishes but also the drinks are pretty cheap all in all – you get half a bottle of local Maltese red wine for as much as 9.00 EUR. And it tastes good – just the length is missing, but otherwise, it’s pretty good too.

If you’re looking for a really good and tasty place to eat on Malta, you should definitely visit The Kitchen in Sliema. It’s absolutely worth the way (not too far anyway as everything is close in Malta), worth the money as the place is nice, the service is good and the dishes are great.


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Restaurant The Kitchen

Tower Road 210

Sliema (Malta)

Tel.: +356 21 31 11 12

Mobile: +356 99 45 56 50 / 60

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