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Another eventful and delicious evening @ Secret Dinner Fashion & Style (23. March 2019)

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The Secret Dinner is always a highlight – this time, the topic was “Fashion & Style” (and once more one was perfectly able to see that ‘fashion’ and ‘style’ bear very individual definitions) and people were gathered at the Bahnhof Oerlikon from where a rather large bus took all the participants to the ‘secret’ location which was, this time, located in Glattbrugg. The setting was lovely as it was basically within the surroundings of a designer from Copenhagen who had her merchandise displayed. The whole evening was contextualized around “Fashion & Style”. “Charlie Chaplin” introduced to the evening while Marilyn Monroe and Britney Spears were middle acts. So, even between the courses, they were taking proper care of you and your entertainment needs.

As a starter, “Apricot Brandy | Waldorf Salad | Yogurt” was served which was refreshing, especially with the apples, and made sure you would have a smooth start into the evening.

The second course was “Beetroot| Yuzo | Carrot| Fennel” which was comparatively boring in terms of flavor – I did like the yuzu foam but it was somehow to weak in taste so it would be completely overwhelmed by the beetroot.

The “Prawn | Lemongras | Coconut” was better than expected as I had somehow expected a bit of a dry prawn but it was actually rather juicy making it – overall – a tasty dish.

Although ultimately rather simple in terms of what it was, the burger was really delicious. The “Beef | Brioche | Sweet Potato” was basically a regular beef burger but it was incredibly delicious! Definitely something I could easily have eaten more of!

For dessert, they served “Apple | Milk rice | Granola” which looked lovely but was really tasting more like a muesli for breakfast than anything else. However, the dish was playful and had the necessary element of sweetness you would wish for in a dessert. Great ending to a good menu.

To sum it up – once more, I can absolutely recommend the Secret Dinner and again it was an absolute success. I even think, with CHF 110.00 per person, it was ‘comparatively’ cheap. I had expected a much higher price for the fact that ‘all the alcohol’ is included in the price. And we ended up having enough wine so it would actually pay off. However, when the next Secret Dinner is at your doors – make sure to book it in advance!


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Secret Dinner Fashion & Style

Fabrikstrasse 22

8152 Glattbrugg (CH)

Tel.: +41 44 500 90 50

E-Mail: eat@secretdinner.ch

Homepage: http://www.secretdinner.ch

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