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A truly outstanding vegetarian restaurant: Restaurant TIAN (18. April 2019)

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A vegetarian restaurant with a Michelin star? It was the least to say that I was skeptical but the TIAN proofed me wrong! There is such a thing and it is actually worth trying! On a Thursday for lunch there is no need to book a table in advance as the place was basically empty. You have only limited options in terms of menu – it’s either four, six, or eight courses. I went for the “six course menu” (EUR 109.00) which starts with two types of bread, three types of olive oil and some salt and butter. The option to try three different olive oils is quite lovely as you can actually tasty the differences in quality.

What I loved about the “amuse bouche” was the variety of it. There were not only different elements to it but it also looked incredibly lovely …

… and although it did look like a fish tatar, it was actually a vegetarian dish.

Complemented by a drink.

The first course was “wild asparagus (stinging nettle, almond)” which was interesting as the almond was pealed but the skin was used separately which provided the dish with a crispy note.

The second course was “kohlrabi (king oyster mushroom, poplar)” which I considered boring at first as there was ‘just kohlrabi’ but it was actually a nice combination of different textures and the king oyster mushroom really added to the dish.

My favourite part of the dish was the “kohlrabi taco” though as it was not only full of flavor but also served in a lovely way.

The next course was one of my favourites – although it looked rather boring at first. The “onion (stone pine, fenugreek)” looked nice but a bit too tiny for my gusto …

… which was then solved with the “onion soup” element of it. And while you would think that some liquid cannot really change how you perceive onions, I must tell you, it can! The onion soup was delicious, mouth-watering!

The next course was as good – the “artichoke (potato, lovage)” looked not very interesting but the artichoke was covered in a smooth potato foam which was not only intense in flavor but also so incredibly smooth that it was playing with your tongue and taste buds in a way you cannot imagine and which is truly enjoyable.

In between, they served a little “sorbet” to make sure your palate would relax a bit.

The next course wasn’t really that amazing though. The “romaine lettuce (spinache, rape)” was fine, yes, but it lacked the surprising element.

The “chocolates” which were not really chocolates but something prepared out of vegetables were okay.

The next course was especially lovely due to the mushroom reduction which made the dish flavorful and generally lovely.

I always liked celery but it was always also a boring vegetable to me. However, the “celery (wild garlic)” was surprising …

… not only the part by part way it was served …

… in small steps …

… but also the variety of different ways it was prepared. The elements on the main plate were delicious – but I absolutely loved the “celery risotto”. Not only because it was taste-wise outstanding but also because it really had the consistency of risotto. Something I had not expected from a vegetable to be possible.

And even the “leaves” which were served were delicious. I cannot quite point out what it was but it made my taste buds go nuts!

Given one had probably not enough at this point, they served a small “pre dessert with coconut” which I liked quite a bit.

More interesting was the actual dessert called “raclette cheese (apple, chestnut)” which looked incredibly boring at first.

The ‘live burn’ added a bit of ‘spice to the view’ …

… and the foam completed it optically. And while I’m usually a big fan of cheese for dessert, this combination was not really my favourite.

The second dessert, the “rhubarb (stracciatella, sorrel)” was more to my liking but given I’m not a huge fan of rhubarb, it wasn’t my favourite either.

What I liked a lot though were the chocolates they served! I mean, not only because of the variety but also because of the way they were served.

And ultimately also because the flavors made you smile just like the way they were set up.

The place itself is lovely in terms of interior design – the dining room is tall and spacious and there is more than enough room between the single tables so you feel comfortable and have your privacy.

All in all, I must say, I was super positively surprised by the TIAN. I had read about it and wanted to go another time but didn’t really make it back then. When I walked in this time, I was a bit taken aback to pay EUR 109.00 for six vegetarian dishes. But I must say that it was not only worth it but you also had enough and there were some really surprising (in the positive sense) taste experiences. The service is friendly, attentive, and makes sure you always have enough of everything you want and need.


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Restaurant TIAN

Himmelpfortgasse 23

1010 Vienna (AT)

Tel.: +43 1 890 46 65

E-Mail: wien@taste-tian.com

Homepage: https://www.tian-restaurant.com/wien

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