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A true luxury retreat where all your wishes are fulfilled without even asking for it: Olarro Plains (20. – 22. April 2019)

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What you experience at Olarro Plains is truly amazing. The luxury property really offers everything you can potentially imagine – that is tailored service at its best. They read every wish from your lips and make sure you are enjoying your stay there to the fullest extent possible. Although I only spent 48 hours there, it was absolutely amazing! You get a personalized experience like I haven’t seen before. And the amazing part about the Olarro Plains is the fact that it’s located in the Olarro Conservatory which focuses on conserving the animals and there are plenty of them. You get to see elephants, giraffes and a variety of other animals just like that in the open which is truly amazing!

And the offer comes with a full board cuisine experience. Upon arrival you are served lunch which were “scotch eggs on a bed of lettuce” which was fine.

The “fried beef with ugali and sukumawiki” was my favorite dish of the 48 hours as it was truly local and something I haven’t tried before. Okay, to be fair, I have had Ugali the evening before but it was still new. And the sukumawiki was absolutely delicious!

The “vanilla ice cream” on the other hand was rather normal.

What is amazing is the ‘care’ of the waiters – they are always there without being intrusive, and make sure you have everything you need and want! And every meal was in a different location! The first evening started with a “butternut squash soup” which was intense and lovely.

I am not quite sure what the main dish was but I believe it was lamb with rice. And I liked it.

What is truly amazing is the atmosphere. You sit out in the open, covered by a wooden roof which is kind of flexible so the lizards walk up and down the walls at all times. It is absolutely amazing!

My favourite meal of the day is usually dinner but in this particular case it was breakfast as the view at breakfast is just so cool. You are seated right next to the pool area and with that ‘infinity view’ you see onto the plains where all the animals are. It is just amazing!

And I like that they serve you something light to start with. The only thing which was a bit confusing was the red little thing to the left – which turned out to be a tree tomato. Definitely interesting!

The starter of the lunch on the second day consisted of “fish goujon with tartar sauce” and was fine. Basically fish sticks.

The main course was the “chicken masala with carrot chapattis” which is apparently a local dish as a lot of Indians have originally migrated from India to Kenya. The dish was lovely. Generally, all the typical Kenyan dishes were quite good while the other ones were more average.

For dinner, I went again for the main course and again it was good.

The “mango mousse” which was for dessert was fine but it wasn’t really mousse but more like a “mango panna cotta”.

So, all in all, you don’t have to come to Olarro Plains for the food but you have to come for the luxury experience, for the caring staff, for the amazing view, for the animals, for the friendly drivers, for the night safaris, for the early morning game drives, for the only arranged for you massage in the room next to yours, for the experience!


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Olarro Plains

Ngoswani Village

Inakara Road – Off Narok

Maasai Mara (KE)

Tel.: +254 785 887 139

Tel.: +254 785 887 140

E-Mail: reservations@olarrokenya.com

Homepage: https://olarrokenya.com/retreats/olarro-plains

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