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Lovelier view over the national park by day than by night: Restaurant Eagle’s Steak House (22. April 2019)

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I decided to finish my Kenya trip where I had started it – in the Restaurant Eagle’s Steak House. To be more concrete, I had about three hours between landing at Wilson Airport in Nairobi and flying out again from NBO airport, so I decided to spend it for lunch conveniently in the middle of the two airports at the Ole Sereni hotel. I went to the same restaurant I was three days earlier to try another piece of meat and to enjoy the view onto the Nairobi national park by day.

I went for the “red curry scented cappucchino of butternut squash (pumpkin espuma, mini chilli corn muffins and pumpkin seeds)” (1’000 KES) which was very intense but was lacking a bit of salt. I liked the tiny chilli corn muffins a lot though.

The “angus beef filet (250gr, cut from the beef tenderloin)” served with “creamed spinach, mixed buttered vegetables and black peppercorn sauce” (2’500 KES) was okay. However, the quality of the meat was – in my view – not really the one of filet. At least, it wasn’t what I had expected. I’m not saying it was bad but the meat was too stringy for a beef filet. Or at least for how I define a beef filet.

What is great though is the view (even when the weather in the back is rather shitty) with a beer in your hand, i.e. a “Tusker Lager” (0,5l) (500 KES).

The service is generally friendly but not the quickest. You have to wait quite a bit until you are brought what you have asked for – be it the menu or the bill. All in all, they are really not known for working but if you have absolutely no rush to catch a transport to the airport, then this is the place as you will spend a lot of time with it.


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Restaurant Eagle’s Steak House

Ole Sereni Hotel

Mombasa Rd 69671

00400 Nairobi (KE)

Tel.: +254 732 19 10 00

Fax: +254 720 39 10 400

E-Mail: info@ole-serenihotel.com

Homepage: https://www.ole-sereni.com/dining-restaurants-in-nairobi/eagles-steak-house/

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