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The first time I’m disappointed by ‘Where Chefs Eat’: Restaurant Le Lexique (4. May 2019)

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The Le Lexique was a restaurant – and frankly the only one in Geneva – recommended by “Where Chefs Eat“. And it was pretty much the first time ever that I was disappointed by recommendation of that book/ app. I guess the fact that they were almost empty already gave away quite a bit how ‘good’ the restaurant is. It was pretty much empty. In any case, you are welcomed in a friendly manner and the menu is brought to you right away. Once you’ve placed your order, a little amuse bouche is served – this evening it was a “green peas cream”. Lovely as an idea but somehow lacking flavor.

I went for the “menu” (CHF 69.00) which allows you to pick a starter, a main and a dessert. And decided to have an additional starter. The “ravioles de foie gras de canard and asperges vertes” (CHF 29.00) sounded so damn promising. I mean, I love foie gras and the flavor and taste of it. However, it was frankly super bland. There wasn’t much flavor, there wasn’t much foie gras. There was dough and some weird stuffing but definitely lacking flavor. So, the start wasn’t really all that amazing.

As a second starter, I went for the “bonbons croustillants de torteaux, émulsion Thai” (CHF 29.00) which were a bit better in terms of combination of flavors with the crab and the pineapple pieces in the sauce. However, all in all, it was still somewhat disappointing as the whole dish was pretty much flooded in its ‘sauce’. If you have filo pastry, why would you potentially soak it in a liquid so the whole element of ‘crispy consistency’ would just disappear? It just doesn’t make sense.

What is, furthermore, disturbing is the fact that your main is served while you still have your starter. I get it that you want to get it over with, I get it that you want to be swift. But at least asking before serving it would have been appreciated! Admittedly though, the “entrecôte de boeuf & jeunes echalotes confites au sel de Guérande, beurre de moutarde à l’ancienne” (CHF 39.00) was prepared perfectly medium-rare as requested and the grill flavor was delicious. The mustard sauce on the other hand was way too intense and basically covered everything. I personally like strong flavors but – in my opinion – it was definitely too much.

Last but not least, the “tarte citron du Lexique” (CHF 14.00) was a pure disappointment. It was basically whipped cream with coco flakes and a few grates of lemon on top. Not really the way you want stuff to taste – not really the way you appreciate a good dessert to be.

At least the only Italian wine they’ve had on the menu was good, the “TerraSasso” (CHF 65.00) was aromatic and perfectly smooth. The glass of local “Sauvignon Blanc” (1dl; CHF 8.50) on the other hand was definitely overpriced and not that great. And for me, the highlight was the price for the double espresso with CHF 9.00. I get it if you are in the center of a tourist attraction or something but like this is just outrageous! To sum it up, I would not recommend to visit Le Lexique!


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Restaurant Le Lexique

Rue de la Faucille 14

1201 Geneva (CH)

Tel.: +41 22 733 31 31

E-Mali: c.montanier@lelexique.ch

Homepage: http://www.lelexique.ch

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