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The Michelin starred restaurant’s little sister: Restaurant Fagn Bar & Bistro (10. May 2019)

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To find a space in a Michelin starred restaurant on short notice is almost impossible. And it was actually also the case today – however, the Fagn which just got a star this year, also has a Bar & Bistro which doesn’t serve the tasting menu in the traditional sense but offers nevertheless a “five course tasting menu” (750 NOK). Not that I would have understood much really given the menu was in Norwegian only but it was interesting to get surprised. And for 470 NOK you also get a wine pairing.

The dinner started with a “beet root tartar with pumpkin seeds mayo” (155 NOK) and it was surprisingly good. The tartar really had the consistency of a real meat tartar and the combination of flavors was exquisite.

The “fresh bread with butter and spread” was fine as well. All types of butter I tried this time while being in Sweden or Norway really are outstanding.

The “white asparagus with turbot and meadowsweets” (165 NOK) reminded me of a dish I just had two weeks ago in the Michelin starred restaurant “Noel” in Zagreb. And while the presentation here was prettier, I liked the Noel better in terms of taste.

The “artichoke soup with gyoza” (175 NOK) was delicious. Also because they put the chips in and managed to keep it perfectly crispy while the soup was of a smooth and warm intensity.

The third course was “ox, potato and cabbage” (250 NOK) and while it looked a bit heavy on the cabbage side, the combination of flavors was fine. Especially the tenderness of the ox added to the positive experience. And the lingonberries – which seemed to be served to every second dish – on top gave it the requested and desired note of ‘sweetness’.

The “creme brûlée with milk, egg and wheat” (145 NOK) was not entirely to my liking. Probably also because the ice cream was chocolate and I’m not such a huge fan of that.

The interior of the place is overall nice. Spacious, you get enough space between your tables to hold a private conversation and generally the design/ interior is nice.

I can recommend the Fagn Bar & Bistro as it offers a decent selection of dishes but it isn’t really a 100% what you are looking for when it comes to dining. Therefore, if you go to Trondheim, make sure you book in advance and give the actual Michelin starred restaurant a try.


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Restaurant Fagn Bar & Bistro

Ørjaveita 4

7010 Trondheim (NO)

Tel.: +47 458 44 996

E-Mail: post@fagn.no

Homepage: http://www.fagn.no

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