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Always worth visiting – unique in every way: Secret Dinner Wonderland (24. May 2019)

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To return to a Secret Dinner event will always be a memorable thing – especially if you take the “all-inclusive package” (CHF 220.00). It seems a bit expensive at first but believe me if you have a well-curated thirst, it definitely pays off. The Secret Dinner theme this time was ‘Wonderland’ which left a lot open for interpretation when it comes to the way you dress. However, the place where the event took place this time was actually all set up in “Alice in Wonderland” style and quite lovely in terms of decoration. And the live performances made it a really great atmospheric spectacle.

As a starter they served “white rabbit (carrot, cauliflower, soil)” which was basically vegetables in a dip and it was definitely okay to start your palate.

Next in line was “Queen of Hearts (tuna, spinach, avocado, hazelnut)” – while the idea was lovely and I liked the way it was prepared (besides the fact that there was some very red sauce in the needle and it was spread all over your shirt) but the quality of the tuna wasn’t really sashimi quality.

The next course was interesting in the way it was prepared as the signs on it read “eat me” and “drink me”. The eat me was “asparagus with wheatgrass” and had a very particular taste – not entirely to my liking. The “drink me” was basically a port reduction they claimed but it tasted more like “tomato”. If you mixed the two, which was suggested, it didn’t necessarily become better, I’d say.

“The crazy hatter (beef, leek, polenta)” was, then again, better. I liked the consistency of the meat as it basically dissolved easily and the little fried thing was also quite delicious.

The fact that they play a bit with your food for the show effect obviously also adds to the perception.

The last course was called “Wunderwald (chocolate, red berries, pistachio)” and was prepared in an absolutely lovely and amazing way.

All in all, I believe a Secret Dinner is always a great event – if you only go in two or even if you go in a larger group as I did. It is always a fun event which makes you enjoy the evening to the fullest extent – even though sometimes the location is a bit far off everything like this time!


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Secret Dinner Wonderland

Badanstaltstrasse 7

8124 Maur (CH)

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