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Delicious and healthy food in a nice atmosphere: Restaurant Mission @ The Standard (30. May 2019)

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When I was in Copenhagen the last time, I intend to enter ‘The Standard’ but due to time constraints, I wasn’t able to so this time it was the first choice to go for lunch right after having arrived. There are two restaurants and one of them is currently being rebuilt – therefore, we ended up going to the Mission which was a good choice. The place offers a decent selection of healthy and vegetarian dishes starting with some “flatbread” which was seasoned quite heavily but entirely to my liking.

It was served with “labneh, aubergine, herb salad” (60 DKK) and was frankly absolutely delicious. However, the flatbread is rather oily so you should better have non-sensitive cloths to eat the bread. The labneh is quite liquid which is fine and makes it enjoyable.

What I liked a lot was the “bowl of the day” (130 DKK) which consisted of quinoa, eggs, peppers and some more ingredients. It was not only quite a hearty dish but also tasted accordingly good so you would actually want to eat it.

The “fried Buffalo cauliflower (blue cheese cream, garlic chips, lovage)” (65 DKK) is a bit a story of its own. I mean, you must like cauliflower – as else it isn’t really for you. But in combination with the lovage and the garlic chips, it really was a great treat.

What I liked about the Mission was not only the food but also the atmosphere and the swift way the waitress was taking care of us – within a few minutes, things were being served. Even when I had emptied my “black current” (28 DKK) drink within seconds and had ordered a new one, they were able to bring a new one within 2 minutes. Something which you find quite rarely and I appreciate quite a bit.


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Restaurant Mission @ The Standard

Havnegade 44

1058 København K (DK)

Tel.: +45 72 14 88 08

E-Mail: info@thestandardcph.dk

Homepage: https://thestandardcph.dk/en/restaurant/mission/

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