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Worth visiting when in Copenhagen: Restaurant Formel B (30. May 2019)

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You know the prolonged weekend is going to be an amazing food trip experience when you already walk into a Michelin restaurant the first evening and obviously it was time to try the “Tasting Menu” (995 DKK) with the respective “Wine Pairin” (895 DKK). Admittedly, the price for the wine pairing was relatively high compared to the menu price but it turned somehow out to be okay all in all.

The evening started with “potato foam, egg yolk, truffle” which wasn’t too inspiring in terms of combination of flavors but had the necessary ‘complexity’ to stimulate your palate for the things to come.

Before the actual dinner started, I had asked for a glass of white wine as an aperitif. The waitress was super friendly and lovely and poured me a sip to try. I said that I liked it. She poured some champagne into the glasses of the rest of the group and left without topping up my glass of white wine. Only after I had specifically asked again with a hint that my glass was still empty, it was then finally filled.

The first course of the tasting menu was “Baerii caviar with green peas, sour cream and chicken broth” …

… and with the chicken broth, it really made a great dish. The flavors were relatively simple and pure, yet, the combination of salty and sweet and the mixture of textures made it a great start.

The next dish definitely looked interesting when placed onto the table – the “black Danish lobster with lightly smoked emulsion and fermented tomato juice” was somehow all colorful and inspiring. However, what was actually inspiring were the tomatoes which were under the jelly. The jelly itself somehow ruined it though – as it literally didn’t taste like anything. So, all in all, an okay idea but somehow not as great in terms of flavors as the first starter.

The next course belonged to my absolute favorites: Who would have thought that ‘vegetables only’ and especially something like a shallot could be so delicious. The “baked shallots with lemon herbs, aged cheese and creamy whey sauce” was just a dream come true as it was basically a combination of all types of different flavors and textures which went incredibly well together!

The next course looks super bland in a picture. However, the “roasted monkfish with ramsons sprouts, broth and aged beef fat” was in that sense outstanding as the ‘aged beef fat reduction’ which was poured over it (and you can’t see in the picture) really boosted the flavors! The monkfish was too thick for my personal gusto but besides that, delicious!

Sometimes, something so simple is so delicious! This was the case here. The “beef fillet roasted on bread with fermented garlic, white asparagus and truffle sauce” was just amazing. The meat was incredibly tender and due to the fact that it was wrapped in dough, there weren’t any burn marks or flavors on the meat which really made it interesting as it was just the perfect cut of meat and with the fermented garlic, it would just make your tongue tingle.

One thing which remained throughout the weekend was ‘rhubarb’. Now, I’m usually not a big fan of rhubarb but the “rhubarb mousse with licorice root parfait, meringues and rhubarb consommé” was somewhat interesting.

The only thing, I didn’t quite ‘understand’ in this tasting menu, was the “strawberry tart” which was served in the end. Especially, since it didn’t taste like anything interesting really.

The formel B looks quite appealing and nice from the outside and is a place you should book a table in advance. The restaurant was basically booked out when we had entered.

The interior is nice in terms of design and is in thus far interesting as there are tables on different ‘levels’. The price is not on the cheap side but including wine pairing it is comparatively fine. The waitress did a good job and was friendly and helpful. And that despite the fact that our group was sometimes rather loud and noisy (if not even bothering the neighboring tables some times to some degree). She always remained friendly and helpful. So, all in all, I can recommend the formel B. Very good dishes, fair prices, nice atmosphere and very good service. Booking recommended.


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Restaurant formel B

Vesterbrogade 182

1800 Frederiksberg (DK)

Tel.: +45 33 25 10 66

E-Mail: info@formelb.dk

Homepage: https://formelb.dk/frontpage/

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