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Another great dinner experience with a local touch: Restaurant Koefoed (31. May 2019)

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Luckily, the Koefoed had still spaces available on rather short notice as it is really a place worth visiting. I went for the “Tasting Menu” (495 DKK) with the “wine pairing” (495 DKK) to try what the chef has to offer and I wasn’t disappointed. But before we talk about the dishes, the place is quite lovely in terms of interior design. There are a variety of little niches where tables are placed and you get to sit down and enjoy the privacy of such a studio to the fullest extent possible – even with a curtain to completely be hidden from the rest of the guests.

As a first course, they served a couple of small snacks like “cucumbers with salmon rye” …

… as well as “fresh cheese and radish”. The fresh cheese with radish was actually quite enjoyable. Nothing new and surprising in terms of what you get but definitely delicious as well as the chips which you get served with a dip.

The first course was already a little firework in terms of flavor – the “brown crab, lemon verbena, dill mayo …” …

… “… and peas” were truly outstanding. Especially the combination of the crab meat with the cold peas really made it an exceptional dish. In terms of textures, flavors and temperatures.

If you wanted to give the langoustine a try, the “caviar, langoustine, lobster foam and raw apple” cost an additional 245 DKK and it was worth paying it. The combination of the lobster like meat with the saltiness of the caviar and the sweetness of the apple was exquisite.

What I considered quite interesting was the fact that there was more than one proper meat course in the menu – something you don’t encounter so frequently. The “ribeye, kohlrabi, ramson, gooseberries” was not only prepared beautifully but also great in taste. Especially the nasturtium really made a difference.

The main course was somehow my highlight – “veal, green and white asparagus, broccolini and parsley”. The veal was coated in ash and usually I’d say that’s just for the show but in this particular case, the combination was not only lovely in terms of how it was prepared but also in terms of how the veal tasted! It was incredibly delicious and if you notice the red color of it, that’s quite rare that you find veal like that in a restaurant.

At first, I was a bit skeptical about the “cheese plate with 5 Danish cheeses” but it was actually amazingly good. They were a great variation of different flavors, consistencies and textures and maturity. Absolutely mouth-watering!

Given it was – very obviously – rhubarb season, they served rhubarb in almost every restaurant (or at least it seemed like that to me) – and so again, it was “rhubarb, yogurt, white chocolate and marzipan”. Given I love white chocolate and marzipan, I must say, I did like the dessert quite a lot.

All in all, the dining experience at the Koefoed is definitely one to repeat – I would go here again anytime. Not only because the dishes are great and the wine pairing is one point, but also because the waiters are all very helpful, friendly, and making sure you have everything you need – with just the right degree of being jovial. Booking in advance highly recommended though – even though we were lucky.


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Restaurant Koefoed

Landgreven 3

1301 København (DK)

Tel.: +45 56 48 22 24

E-Mail: info@restaurant-koefoed.dk

Homepage: http://www.restaurant-koefoed.dk

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