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It’s easy to understand why this used to be No. 1 in the world: Restaurant Noma 2.0 (1. June 2019)

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Getting a table at noma is something I intended to do since 2010 and haven’t succeeded until today – well, until September to be more precise. Finally, the day to visit noma had arrived. When you enter, you’re presented with a lovely interior and if you’re lucky you even get the table right in front of the kitchen so you can watch them prepare your food.

There is but one menu, in this case it was the “seafood tasting menu” (2’500 DKK) which you have to prepay in the moment when you book it. So in September 2018 for June 2019!

The menu started with “fresh Norwegian scallop” which was great in terms of aromas – I think I haven’t had a scallop that fresh and untreated before.

The next course was basically an assortment of different clams on one plate, specifically “carpet clam, venus clam, mahogany clam, razor clam”. Each clam was prepared in a very refined and smooth way – my personal favorite though was the mahogany clam.

Next in line was the “marinated sweet shrimp” which looked like a shrimp but was somehow not really a shrimp but lovely to see and good to eat.

With the marinated shrimp, they also served a “grey shrimp cooked with sea lettuce” which was basically a fried shrimp in sea lettuce – and it was incredibly delicious!

While the “lumpfish roe and cured egg yolk” was – to me – nothing spectacular or especially tasty …

… the “grilled ramson shoots in scallops juice” which was served on the side was pure deliciousness! Ramson fried in scallop juice is something I haven’t imagined to ever try – but it was really just amazing!

The “cured turbot” was mouth-wateringly taste in its simpleness.

One of the most surprising dishes to me was the “medium rare blue shell mussel”. The interior of the mussel was actually just part of it and together with the caviar it became an outstanding combination of flavors and textures. Just absolutely mind-boggling.

When they told us that the next course was “cod bladder simmered with quince” I was rather skeptical as something like a swim bladder doesn’t sound very enjoyable. Yet, they managed again to surprise us with an exquisite taste and texture combination. The quince provided the dish with the sweetness to balance off the seafood taste layer.

The “cod tongue schnitzel” was interesting to eat as it was basically stuck to a jaw bone (where it does not naturally belong) – but not as overwhelming in flavor as some of the other dishes.

The “salt cod pie” was basically an empanada made of burned milk and it was outstanding – again in terms of texture, flavors and aromas.

One of my least favourite courses was the “beach crab gel and pinecones”. Frankly, the pinecones were superbly interesting. The gel, however, did not taste of much and was somehow lacking the surprising element.

The “boiled brown crab on flatbread” was in so far funny because the flatbread was perfectly shaped like the crab which was served on top. I love the fact that despite the high quality of the cuisine, there is still some playfulness to it.

At first, when they served the “horseradish sauce” I was wondering if that alone was the dish but it was just to be combined with …

… the “hot smoked, then barbecued arctic king crab” which was admittedly great. But, it did not come to par with the king crab I had a couple of weeks back at the Fäviken Magasinet.

Among my absolute favorites was also the “crab salad”. It sounds simple and who would have thought that a ‘salad’ would ever be something so delicious. But it was. It was that kind of food that when you take a bite, you’re just smiling full of joy and happiness!

The first dessert was “salted and dried berries from summer”. And again they had these freshly picked and for 12 hours in sugar cooked pinecones. And they were not only interesting but also smooth and yet so full of flavor!

As a very last course, you would get “cardamon scented sea star and chocolate cod skin”. Now, to get “cod skin” for dessert – even when dipped in chocolate – was quite an interesting choice but actually also a pleasant (as in taste-wise interesting) one. The cardamon scented sea stars were prepared with saffron which gave it an additional hint of ‘exclusiveness’ and generally tasted amazing as it had an element of caramel to it.

Once you’re done dining, you have the opportunity to try some of their spirits – or, to be more precise, any of their spirits in their separate spirit room. What I was a bit surprised about though, was the fact that when you pay a solid 2’500 DKK for the menu and about another 1’250 DKK for the wine pairing, that they still charge you for the spirits, the water, and the coffee separately. That, I would say, is unnecessary.

However, all in all, visiting the noma, despite the price tag, is definitely an experience worth making. So, if you have the chance to get a table – get it!

What is outstanding about the whole experience – besides the dishes – is the service. There are – in total – about 70 people working at noma (including the people in the kitchen) and the service is rather flawless as it is coordinated and works perfectly hand in hand.

But it is not only that – it is also the noma itself as it is located quite peacefully in the middle of nowhere with its own greenhouses …

… and a kitchen lab …

… as well as their own bee hives and further plants.

The restaurant is basically an own building entirely designed in wood (at least on the inside) …

… which is absolutely appealing and makes you feel like coming home even though there is quite some space between the tables and you have more than enough privacy.

If you are lucky and score the table with a view into the kitchen, then you should definitely take your time to not watch the plate for a second and watch the performance conducted in the kitchen – definitely worth seeing!

And when you have the time, get closer and have a look … it is quite mesmerizing really!

And if you are among the last ones to have arrived and started your dinner, then you get to see how they even clean up the place and make it ready for the next service.

Even the master himself, René Redzepi, was there. What I was a bit disappointed about was the fact that he did not show up at the tables to quickly ask how things are and if everyone is satisfied. Massimo Bottura, the chef in the current No. 1 of the world, Osteria Francescana, takes the time to come to the table and ask if you’re satisfied.

In the restaurant, everything is designed with a high attention to detail – even the decoration is aligned with the theme of the menu.

So, to sum it up – dining at the noma is not a food event but actually an experience of its own. Admittedly, a pricey one, but if you have a chance to dine here, you should definitely take that opportunity and go! I will definitely (try to) return!


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Restaurant Noma 2.0

Refshalevej 96

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Tel.: +45 32 96 32 97

E-Mail: noma@noma.dk

Homepage: https://noma.dk

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